President to eliminate a sluggish, inefficient government agency, left freaks


The Trump administration is considering eliminating a government agency that is ineffective and inefficient. It would be the fulfillment of a promise to shrink the size of government. The left isn’t taking it well, but they never take anything well.

If the administration succeeds at dismantling the Office of Personnel Management, the closure could be a blueprint for shutting other departments down. That is the idea of course.

The functions of the agency would be split among three other departments and he will do it via executive order.

It is in the final stages of review. OPM employees have been told.

It’s a big, exemplary step,” Margaret Weichert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget and acting OPM director, said in an interview. She characterized the agency created to oversee the civil service in 1978 as “fundamentally not set up for success, structurally.”


For Trump, the breakup of the 5,565-employee federal personnel agency would target the inefficient bureaucracy and revive the workforce who have become slugs [my word, not anyone else’s. WaPo called the agency sluggish].

The unions and their payola partners, the Democrats, will freak out.

It hasn’t been done since World War II. Democrats see that as a reason to not do it, but it’s definitely a reason to do it. World War II ended in 1945 and it’s about time someone did something with our burdensome bureaucracy.

The White House hopes to do it in stages with some steps beginning now, and other changes pending congressional approval.

Unfortunately, almost all of Congress, including Republicans love the big government to varying degrees.

The General Services Administration will absorb OPM’s human resources. The Office of Management and Budget would take over high-level policies governing federal employees.

No one, literally no one, thinks OPM’s doing a good job.

CATO is afraid it will mean consolidating a smaller agency into bigger ones, making for much larger agencies. Chris Edwards says it’s a consolidation of “dysfunctional federal bureaucracies.”

There are valid concerns and Mr. Edwards is one of them.

But, then, how else?

We don’t know the whole plan. It sounds like other agencies are going to get truncated as well. Let’s be hopeful. The President has good instincts.


The American Federation of Government Employees is calling it “Trump’s Dangerous Plan to Abolish OPM” and predicting disaster for all of the employees.

Social media is lit up Lots of conspiracies and paranoia. They want to abolish ICE, a very important agency in bringing criminals to justice, but not a sluggish government agency.

This person thinks the overly large and inefficient government is what our Republic is all about.

Go to WaPo for their version of the story.



  1. This sounds like the paper about government reorganization that was released quite some time ago. In That document there was a great deal of common sense reform to actually make government “work”. For some time it seems many in Congress, in both parties, and bureaucrats prefer that government Not work, that is, for the people. Trump has made it perfectly clear he “wants” government To work And be efficient. Democrats fear the opposite party will “fix” things, whereas the Republicans don’t want government involved in any manner, and That is never going to happen. As such, Trump has angered both sides.

  2. If the GSA is absorbing OPM’s employees where is the savings? Sounds like all that is being cut is a name off the federal agencies listing.

  3. It doesn’t matter what President Trump does, the reflexive opposition of the leftist media and the Democrats, but I repeat myself, is immediate and noisy.

  4. OPM was set up as another means to power the washing machine effect that allows more
    backwash duplicitous agencies create, slowing progress toward problem resolution in the bloated
    liberal substructures withing our federal government.

  5. Kid: This appears to be the beginning of the Administrations “Government Reform and Reorganization Plan”. It’s a great deal more than just shuffling people around.

  6. In charge of personnel records. Every personnel record in OPM has been stolen by the Chinese. The Chinese love OPM because it’s one stop stealing for them.

  7. “As such, Trump has angered both sides.” Figure that out all by yourself, did ya? Since both sides are inhabited by more than their fair share of swamp creatures, I’d say that’s an accurate (but something less than astute) assessment on your part.

    • If you had been reading this site for awhile you would know I’ve made this point for quite a long time and in much greater detail. That sentence was more of a headline than anything. It was abundantly clear when Trump first began to run, and, in fact, decades ago in his dealings with Congress.

  8. the misnamed Department of Education should be next on the list but he’ll have to wait until after the election.

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