President Trump Asks in Warsaw If the “West Has the Will to Survive”



The media is complaining of President Trump’s “dark” speech. In a catty way, the media is claiming that President Trump was left hanging while the First Lady of Poland greeted his wife.

What is really going on is far more moving and important. Both President Trump and Melania were warmly greeted by these like spirits and his speeches are brilliant.

CNN fake news reporter Jim Acosta told Poynter, the elitist journalistic icon, that the “rhetorical flurry at the joint appearance [with President Duda] makes this entire spectacle seem like a fake news conference. This was not an attempt by the president to seek out a question from someone who would challenge him on the issues.”

Acosta added that Trump is using the conservative Polish media. CNN’s Trump-hater insisted that Trump’s comments about Obama doing nothing about hacking between August and November, 2016, is “fake news”. Acosta’s right. Obama did something. He told Russia to “stop it” and to “cut it out”.

Finally, Acosta railed against Trump for saying it was not 17 intelligence agencies that asserted Russia tried to interfere in the U.S. presidential election but rather 3 or 4. Acosta thinks it’s “fake news”. However, both the NY Times and the AP recently admitted that there statements referring to 17 were incorrect. The Times said it’s 4 and the AP said it’s 3.


During his joint appearance, characterized by U.S. media as having a “stark message”, President Trump signaled a tougher line against Russia on Thursday, a day before his first first sit-down with President Vladimir V. Putin. He did not, however, concede that Moscow was solely responsible for interference in the 2016 election.

Before a friendly Polish crowd preceding a two-day summit meeting of Group of 20 leaders, He cast the West’s battle against “radical Islamic terrorism” as a fight to protect “our civilization and our way of life.”

“I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization,” Mr. Trump said in a speech in Krasinski Square, where a monument commemorates the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis.

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,” he said. “Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

Furthermore, Mr. Trump denounced “the steady creep of government bureaucracy that drains the vitality and wealth of the people,” emphasizing the value of individual freedom and sovereignty.

“Poland will prevail,” he said, citing the country’s centuries-long history of endurance in the face of invasion, partition, Nazi occupation and communist domination. “Poland will always prevail.”


He refused to say what steps he would take to punish Pyongyang.

On Thursday, the President said he was weighing “some pretty severe things” to respond to the North Korean nuclear threat, and he called on all nations to confront what he called the “global threat” from Pyongyang.

“We’ll see what happens — I don’t like to talk about what we have planned — but I have some pretty severe things that we’re thinking about,” Mr. Trump said at the news conference. “They are behaving in a very, very serious manner, and something will have to be done about it.”


The European Union has been very concerned about this visit to Poland, a right-center/conservative nation. They have harshly criticized Poland for closing their borders to unvetted immigrants. Perhaps the NY Times doesn’t understand that Poland has already been invaded twice, much to their detriment.

The EU is worried that it will widen a fissure between East and West in the European Union, which Mr. Trump has disparaged previously. They worry that leaders like Mr. Kaczynski and Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary will be emboldened in what they call “authoritarianism” and others of us call “freedom” and love of country.


Poland lost 150,000 men fighting the Nazis before the Russians moved in. They are done with invasions promoted by globalists. Half of America is also done with invasions. Hust as the nation was divided during the American Revolution and the Civil War, we are divided now.

The NY Times and other media are using somewhat subtle verbiage to put down the President’s speeches yesterday and today. If you listen to today’s speech below, you will likely find it inspiring. President Trump said the Polish people fought oppression with “courage and strength deep in the Polish character”.

“Poland could not be broken,” he said. The Poles did not ask for “privilege” or “wealth”, they said they “want God”.

The Polish martyr, Bishop Michael Kozal, said it well, Trump informed, “More horrifying than a defeat of arms is a collapse of the human spirit.”

Check the speeches out for yourself below or read the transcript at CNN. It checked the transcript and it’s accurate.

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6 years ago

The stage is set for an uproar at the G20. I just read DeBlasio and some other US leftists are rushing out there to protest Trump. Merkel is upset at Trump’s entirely justifiable speech, which was intended to anger her. The media will attempt to portray this as mean Trump versus the rest of the world.

6 years ago

That study on Journalists keeps being proven right time after time and Jim Acosta has to be the epitome of that study.

I don’t know Why it took So long for the NY Times and AP to finally report the facts since it was WELL known in January when the Intelligence Report was released. It states in no uncertain terms Who was involved, the CIA, FBI and NSA. Apparently the AP thinks a “Director” is an “Intelligence Agency” in order to reach four. Furthermore that report was Not done by the Agencies themselves but a selected group appointed by the DNI. Since the report had No dissent it calls into question its validity since generally there are various views. As one person remarked, the Intelligence Community has become more and more political over the years. This is born out by the news report that some 200 agency personnel complained about Intelligence reports being sanitized by the leaders. This was given very little media coverage under Obama.

I can understand the ignorance of the media when it comes to Russian interference through computer technology. Even though computers are pervasive many do not understand how they work or operate. I had watched the hearings regarding Russia “accessing” servers that are part of the Election system.It was the first time I had heard of Russia “accessing” anything. This is highly misleading since it implies more than what actually occurred and calls into question the Agency’s credibility. Of course those who don’t understand the technology would conclude the worst scenario.

When this was revealed in the hearing I began to watch intensely looking for the details. Senator after Senator kept speaking in such general terms and so did the panel. Finally and near the end a Senator mentioned the “smoking gun”, and later another Senator did so too. What this was ALL about was “pings” coming from Russia to the servers. This is one of the Biggest “nothing burgers” of all time. A ping is about as innocuous in computer technology as you can get. A “ping” is NOT access and very very few computers restrict pings. One has to question why those in Intelligence would mislead in such a stark manner.