President Trump Calls for Release of FISA Abuse Memo


President Trump has called for the release of the FISA abuse memo which reportedly lists abuses by the DoJ/FBI, The Washington Post reported Saturday. The DoJ warned against its release until they have had a chance to look it over. This is the same DoJ/FBI that is stonewalling and withholding information from Congress.

Trump reportedly told Attorney General Jeff Sessions through Chief of Staff John Kelly that he wants to see the memo released, believing that it will shed light on the special counsel investigation.

The decision rests with the House Intelligence Committee overseen by Chair Devin Nunes who has said he wants to release them as early as Monday.

Earlier in the week, the DoJ warned the committee it would be “extremely reckless” to release the memo without a review by the agency.

That’s rich. This is the same DoJ that only gave Congress 7,000 Page-Strzok messages out of 50,000. That doesn’t count the recovered ‘missing’ texts. One of their excuses is they can’t be released until after the Mueller probe is complete. The agency is redacting the texts and obstructing Congress from oversight of the DoJ and FBI.

Shocking and  Over-Classified

Republicans who have read the contents of the Memo and the attachments found them “shocking”. Many Republicans have called for its release. Democrats won’t even read the material.

The Memo is a summary of attached intelligence. Republicans say the material is over-classified and there is no reason it can’t be released.

Democrats don’t want it given over to the public and claim it’s merely Republican talking points. Democrat Adam Schiff also said Americans won’t understand it. Only five Democrats have read it.

We must find out what is going on at the DoJ and FBI. They’ve been lying, concealing information, and apparently abusing FISA. We found out this week that former FBI Director Comey lied about his conversations with Barack Obama. He was giving regular updates to Barack Obama during the investigation. One of the Page-Strzok messages talked about “updating” Obama.

When the memo and the IG report hit, we might never be able to look at our government the same way again.

This representative echoed the sentiments of several Republicans – someone needs to go to jail.

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6 years ago

I still have concerns that Congress made SURE the FISA renewal was rushed through BEFORE any release of pertinent information. What happened to all the talk by these Members of Congress that the FISA renewal was in jeopardy.

6 years ago

Luckily Sessions has no say-so on the release of the memo. Why won’t the media report that the holdup is Trump hater Ryan? There is no one else who can possibly be blocking this.