President Trump Can Build the Wall Without Congress, Here’s How


USA Today published a report of how the President can fund the border wall without congressional approval, and there is a precedent for it. Other Presidents have done it. According to the author, the border wall will be built only if Donald Trump uses executive power to do it. He has the funds available and the authority to build the wall.

The President put out a call to federal agencies last week, asking them to look for money to build the wall. Sen. John Thune immediately shot down the idea, saying he doesn’t like moving money around. But the fact is the President has the authority to use executive branch funds without congressional approval, the author states.

The article by Brett M. Decker, an assistant professor of business at Defiance College notes truthfully that the only way the wall gets built is if the President does it by executive order.

He gave a couple examples of how to do this, here’s one:

The Department of Agriculture has about $200 billion in outstanding loans for rural development projects such as community buildings, bridges, roads, fire stations, police stations, water projects and barriers such as fencing and walls. These federal loans to local communities have low default rates that are attractive to private-sector investors because they represent large, reliable cash flows — the kind of investments that big money funds desperately desire.

About $50-100 billion worth currently held by USDA are very marketable and attractive commercial paper investments. The rights to collect the remainder of the debt on these loans could be sold to private parties who would pay a premium for such a steady stream of cash payments. The sales would give a profit cushion to the government and alleviate taxpayers from any future risk of nonpayment while retaining certain borrower guarantees.

For example, Trump could authorize the sale of $10 billion of USDA rural water loans on the secondary market, which could bring in a lump sum payment of $12 billion or more. Revenue from these proceeds could be directed to build the border wall.

Legal authority is clear

Legal authority comes from many angles. Obama stimulus loans (approximately $2-$5 billion) could be separated out and used because they involved “no year” money, meaning the funds don’t expire if not spent in a certain time frame. The president could tap into USDA’s Community Facilities Programs money if recouped funds from the sale were used for new loans to cooperating communities on the border, such as in Texas.

New York Democrats/Socialists are demanding $11 billion for an additional train tunnel to serve Manhattan, but they are outraged that President Trump isn’t immediately writing a check. These are the same people who refuse to even consider $5 billion to begin to secure the U.S. border. One of their excuses is it will cost too much for a wall.

The President has to either sell this to the American public or take the funds from elsewhere. The open borders Democrats take over the House in January and they will not provide the money for the wall. There is no negotiating or compromise with the totalitarians.

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