President Trump CANCELS the state visit to Greenland


President Trump won’t visit Greenland at this time since the Prime Minister of Denmark won’t sell. If he does reschedule, it’s probably because the PM relented. Why else would he go? The Danes and others are insulted, but honestly, if you’re not buying Greenland, why go there on a state visit? I guess he could have visited the military base.

“We are open for business, but we’re not for sale,” said Ane Lone Bagger, the island’s foreign minister.

NBC News saw it as a new opportunity to bash Trump, ranting that the move was met with disbelief in Denmark and beyond. Others are making fun of him, but why?

It’s hard to understand why people are mocking the President for wanting to buy beautiful Greenland. It’s a great idea. Harry Truman had the idea first. He wanted to buy it in 1946 for its strategic military location, which is no longer an issue. We now have a permanent military base there. Truman was willing to pay $100 million or exchange land for it.

Greenland is rich in natural resources, currently untouched. It’s a valuable 836,330-square-mile island.

If China can move strategically into Africa, why can’t we try to move into Greenland, were the Danes willing.

Some fun facts about Greenland, courtesy of Britannica and Mercury News:

• Greenland remains a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but the island’s home-rule government is responsible for most domestic affairs.
• It has an estimated population of 55,900, mostly indigenous Inuit.
• The capital is Nuuk.
• It is the world’s largest island, and more than 700,000 square miles of it is covered by an ice sheet.
• It’s cold.



  1. The Louisiana purchase and the acquisition of Alaska must surely have been opposed by the mentality that pervades among those who now are adamant at the thought of this purchase. Wonder what the Inuit have to say about anything regarding their homeland??? Depending on the winds of change , indigenous/native people have little input…and are oft times left to the fates. No one even talks about places like Tibet anymore…and soon Hong Kong and even maybe Taiwan will be memories…so much for “self determination” and sovereignty.

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