President Trump Commutes Grandmother’s Life Sentence


President Trump has signed a commutation for Alice Johnson, who is currently serving a life sentence for a ‘nonviolent’ drug offense, according to a source with direct knowledge. CNN reported earlier today.

Kim Kardashian West visited the White House last Wednesday to address prison reform and parole for the former drug dealer who was sentenced to life for a first-time conviction. The commutation will allow her to possibly obtain parole after serving 21 years of her sentence.

The only objection one might have is that people are calling drug dealing ‘non-violent’. It is not ‘non-violent’, not ever.

Never Trumpers trashed Trump for meeting with Kardashian West and Democrats trashed Mrs. West.

In fact, isn’t it nice to see a celebrity go on behalf of one person who is sympathetic rather than trying to shove their leftist views down our throats?

It takes courage for President Trump to pardon/commute sentences before the midnight of his term.

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