President Trump Is Considering Suing MSNBC and Reporter David Cay Johnston


This week we were treated to Rachel Maddow jumping the shark on her nightly “news” show with her big reveal of 2005 tax returns showing Donald Trump paid his taxes.

The Hill writer Paulina Firozi wrote, Disclosing a taxpayer’s information without consent is illegal. The hill is a left-of-center mainstream publication.  The NY Times on the other hand says a federal statute claims it’s illegal but they believe the statute is unconstitutional and runs headlong into the First Amendment.

Trump’s personal lawyers are looking into the legalities of suing MSNBC and the tax code reporter, David Cay Johnston, who mysteriously found them in his inbox or mailbox or something.

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Robert Iacurci
Robert Iacurci
6 years ago

I wish he would sue !