President Trump Does It! He Addresses Omar’s Brother-Husband Issue


During last night’s rally, President Trump sent a shout out to Scott Johnson of the really terrific Powerline Blog for his amazing research on Ilhan Omar, the anti-Semitic, anti-America representative from Minnesota who appears to have married her brother in an immigration scam.

Trump slammed her for possibly committing “fraud” by marrying her brother. She is using a fraudulent name, he also suggested.

Omar called them “xenophobic conspiracy theories”, but some legit publications are looking into it, asking her for documents for review.

Rep. Omar, if that’s her name, won’t explain the extensive evidence both Johnson and another reporter, David Steinberg have amassed to the curious lack of interest by most in the mainstream media.

The President called her an “America hating socialist,” which is undeniably true.

Omar, AOC, and Tlaib, three members of the communist ‘squad,’ have also been accused of campaign finance violations, proven in Omar’s case with the others still up for adjudication.

The President went there last night and that should embarrass the useless press but it won’t.

The media enjoys special privileges of immunity because they are supposed to be our ‘watchdogs.’ They no longer are, rather, they are activists for one side because they know better. Their immunity should be removed once they take up opinion journalism and pretend their fact reporters.


Omar’s taking truthful comments in her response and using them to show how Trump is allegedly the bad guy.

The hate comes from the hard left, people like her. His comments reference extensive research.

In her tweet, she linked to the Soros/Media Matters’ ActBlue site for donations.

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