Ouch! President Trump Doesn’t Shake Hands with Merkel After a Reporter Suggests It


There might have been a chilly reception for Angela Merkel Friday. When the media asked if they would shake hands during the photo-op, the Chancellor appeared to ask Trump if he wanted to but he showed no reaction and didn’t look at her. Whether that was deliberate or not is unclear.

There are many points of disagreement between the two leaders.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has overseen a transformation of her nation with the influx of more than 1.2 million poorly-vetted refugees. President Trump is not a fan of her views and has been vocal about it.

Another issue discussed was Germany’s payment towards NATO at 1.2% of the country’s GDP while it is supposed to be 2%. She acknowledged that and said Germany would meet their obligations by 2024. Germany has, however, sent soldiers to the fight in Afghanistan. Out of the 28 member nations, only 5 pay the required amount with the U.S. paying 3.6%.

Other differences between the countries exist on the issues of globalism and free trade.

They both said they would try to work off those things they agree on. Both seem to want to work on Ukraine and Russia together. Merkel has a relationship with Putin and could be very helpful.

During the photo-op, the President didn’t look at Merkel.

When a reporter asked about wiretapping, Trump said, “Maybe now Germany and I have something in common.” It was a light moment.


After publication, we heard this epic rant by a Daily Mail columnist who has no use for Merkel. You have to hear it.

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6 years ago

I believe she came bacause Germany, GB and the most of Europe once where considered to be important allies.

6 years ago

I don’t know why she came here, maybe due to the upcoming election. She is greatly weakening an important ally, with her forced and turbulent cultural change in Germany. That renders Germany a less stable ally. She should give the money she spends on refugees to the alliance. I recommend pulling back on our commitment to Germany unless there is a big change there for the better. Remove NATO troops, they are targets for terrorism.

6 years ago

He Did shake hands when they met and After the press conference.
It also appears there is a language barrier.