President Trump: Effective Immediately, Canceled Obama’s Deal with Cuban Communists


President Trump addressed the one-sided deal Obama made with Cuba from a podium in Miami Friday. Effective immediately, he canceled the Obama deal with Cuba, the one-sided deal that allowed U.S. dollars to flow freely to the communist oppressors. Trump has pledged to be a voice of freedom for the Cuban people.

Canceled immediately!

He spoke of the importance of standing up for freedom for the people of Cuba and Venezuela. He said we will expose the crimes of the communist regime.

The speeches by Senator Marco Rubio, Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Rick Perry were heartfelt and inspiring but the President’s was among the most memorable. All, including the President, were received extraordinarily well.

The audience sang out Happy Birthday to the President who became 71 years of age two days ago.

Cuba today after decades of communism.

Trump recognized all the people who supported his actions today and especially the lovely lady who was imprisoned by Castro for 15 years, a gentleman imprisoned for 17 years, and another who was imprisoned for over 20 years.

He talked extensively about the horrors of communism and the importance of the freedom that allows everyone can live out their own dreams.

The President will not deport DACA people — those who were taken to the U.S. as youth.

He will continue flights and cruises between Cuba and the U.S. but he is defunding the communist military who run the country and he will do so by limiting our business dealings with them. Money from all business transactions go to the oppressive communist military.

The U.S. does not want U.S. dollars to prop up a military monopoly that seriously harms the people. Trump will simply and strictly follow U.S. law.

The U.S. will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime until: all political prisoners are free, freedom of assembly and expression are respected; all political parties are legalized; and free, internationally-supervised elections are scheduled.

We will strongly restrict U.S. dollars going to the military and intelligence services that are the core of the Cuban regime. The ban on tourism and the embargo will be enforced. U.S. dollars will go to the Cuban people, not the communist dictators.

CNN actually reported that Trump didn’t want competition with his hotels and that’s why he’s doing this. Their news is fake as fake can be.

Under Barack Obama’s deal, businesses had to follow the communist rules and the money had to flow to the oppressors.

Trump demanded the killers they are harboring in Cuba be sent back to the U.S., especially including Joanne Chesimard.

The U.S. embassy in Cuba will remain open. Diplomacy will continue.

We have been sending them aid, that will change. The Cuban regime has flaunted their close relationship with North Korea. We can’t keep sending them money. He is keeping the diplomacy open but ending the flow of funds and intelligence.

A gentleman played the Star Spangled Banner on the violin. What made it so special is when he was an 8-year old child prodigy, Fidel went into his house and demanded he play for them. He played the Star Spangled Banner. That’s what America stood for before Barack Obama.

The man’s father had been killed by Castro.

The full speech:

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