President Trump Gets Slammed by Pelosi & Others for a Reasonable Offer


President Trump’s move today was clever. He offered three years of protection for DACA and TPS. There is no way the DACA will be deported in three years, and probably will never be. The President wasn’t giving up anything. At the same time, he made the Democrats look radical and unreasonable.

It’s about impeachment and overturning the election.

Democrats are set on impeaching the President, and they won’t deal on anything in any way ever.

Nancy Pelosi is a vicious, hard-left woman who will never secure the border except in a minimal and ineffective way. It’s not only about winning in 2020, but it’s also about ideology. She’s not a deep thinker, but she is moving very far-left. Pelosi is willingly leaning towards the hard-left base. She just put Socialists in charge of the House Financial Services Committee.

You can read her entire dishonest statement on her website or in the tweet.


Ryan Lizza presents a good example of how the leftist reporters are thinking. He tweeted: Upending the lives of DACA recipients and then using them as hostages for an absurd and useless wall as hundreds of thousands of government workers go unpaid is one of the most immoral policies any modern president has pursued. Can’t dance around this. It’s just awful.

What’s awful is that this illogical person is a reporter.

Senator Marco Rubio calls the Democrats reaction,” irrational obstructionism.”

Ann Coulter was beside herself.

It’s not clear to me what she wants from the President. He can’t get the support to deport all these people. Has she become a gadfly?

What do you the readers think?

Senator McConnell is pleased.

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