President Trump grants clemency to 2 military officers, restores rank of another


President Trump has granted clemency to two Army officers — 1st Lt. Clint Lorance, who will be set free from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, as soon as today, six years after being found guilty of second-degree murder, and Maj. Matt Golsteyn, a former Green Beret, who will have his murder charge dropped.

Additionally, Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher will have his rank restored to chief petty officer after being docked a pay grade after being convicted of posing for a photo with a dead Islamic State (ISIS) fighter.

FULL PARDONS were granted to Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance and for Army Major Mathew Golsteyn.


“Today, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Grant of Clemency (Full Pardon) for Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, an Executive Grant of Clemency (Full Pardon) for Army Major Mathew Golsteyn, and an order directing the promotion of Special Warfare Operator First Class Edward R. Gallagher to the grade of E-7, the rank he held before he was tried and found not guilty of nearly all of the charges against him,” the White House said in a statement Friday night.

The Lorance Tragedy

Lorance was convicted of second-degree murder in 2013 and is six years into serving a 19-year sentence at Fort Leavenworth for ordering his soldiers to open fire and kill three men in Afghanistan. Lorence’s supporters say he killed Taliban fighters, nine others said he killed innocent men.

Clint Lorance isn’t guilty. Not even close, The Washington Times reported.

A paratrooper in the famed 82nd Airborne Division, Lt. Lorance took command of his platoon in Afghanistan on July 1, 2012, in the Zhari District, Kandahar Province. On Clint’s first day in command, a Taliban sniper ambushed the platoon while they were on routine foot patrol. Early the next morning, Clint led a combat patrol through thickly-planted minefields, according to the media outlet.

Thirty minutes into the patrol, three Afghan men sped toward Clint’s platoon on a motorcycle. The Taliban had killed Americans in suicide-by-motorcycle attacks and had most recently ambushed and killed three Ohio National Guardsmen in a motorcycle bombing in Faryab Province.

Clint knew this and had only seconds to act.

To protect American lives, Clint ordered his men to fire, killing two of the riders. Later, biometrics evidence proved that the motorcycle riders were Taliban bombmakers. In other words, Clint’s men killed the enemy, The Washington Times reported.

But to protect President Obama’s suicidal rules of engagement, Army prosecutors hid biometrics evidence from the defense. Clint is guilty of nothing, except being a red-blooded American patriot, The Washington Times reported.

Eddie Gallagher

Gallagher, a 15-year SEAL was found not guilty of murdering an ISIS fighter in Iraq in 2017 but was convicted in July of a lesser charge of posing for a photo with the dead ISIS prisoner’s corpse.

Others did the same thing and nothing happened to them.

His punishment included a reduction in rank from chief petty officer to 1st class petty officer, which would have cost him about $200,000 in retirement funds.

The Absurd Golsteyn Charges

Golsteyn was charged with premeditated murder in the 2010 death of a suspected Taliban bomb maker.

“Matthew is a highly decorated Green Beret who is being tried for killing a Taliban bomb maker,” the president wrote. “We train our boys to be killing machines, then prosecute them when they kill!”

Matt Golsteyn was cleared and then rearrested and recharged over a comment he made on TV.

“I don’t know how much more ridiculous it can get,” his wife said. “Matt was cleared and then their story changed. It is so rigged.”


The Pentagon has its own little turfdom, like that of the diplomats who have been piling into Congress to complain of the President’s policies. The President is reasserting the power of the presidency and stepping on their kingdoms. It takes courage.

The President’s approval rating is up to 50% according to Rasmussen. The economy is great, he supports our military, stocks are soaring and rose over 28,000 for the first time, so let’s impeach him. It makes sense to no one ever. If the leftists can destroy the President, they can destroy you.

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