President Trump is coming for California, possibly with the EPA’s help


President Trump appeared at a Beverly Hills fundraiser this week and has already collected $15 million. That seems to somewhat rebut Governor Newsom’s claim they don’t want him there.

There were clashes outside as the event took place. The President can’t even announce where the events are held in California because the radicals become very violent.

California is socialist now and it’s sinking fast, but not everyone is on board with the far-left agenda.


First off, President Donald Trump has a plan to revoke California’s authority to set stiff vehicle emissions standards separate from those established by the U.S. government.

The legal fight is focused upon a provision of the Clean Air Act, a federal law intended to combat air pollution, that allows California to receive a waiver from federal vehicle emissions standards, enabling the state to set its own.

In addition to the EPA revoking this waiver, Trump’s Transportation Department is expected to declare that California’s efforts to set its own vehicle emissions standards are preempted by another federal law, the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, under which such emissions standards are established.

Sticking automakers with two sets of standards is very expensive.

He’s also threatening to sic the EPA on San Francisco over the filth generated by the homeless who are growing in numbers thanks to liberal [leftist] policies.

Trump accused the city of allowing a tremendous amount of waste, including needles, to go through storm drains into the ocean.

“It’s a terrible situation that’s in Los Angeles and in San Francisco,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One as he returned to Washington. “And we’re going to be giving San Francisco — they’re in total violation — we’re going to be giving them a notice very soon.”

“They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell,” he said.

In a statement, Mayor London Breed called Trump’s remarks “ridiculous” and said storm drain debris is filtered out at city wastewater treatment plants so that none flows “into the bay or ocean.”

Regardless of the truth of that and we don’t know how effective that is or isn’t, people in San Fran are subjected to filth, needles on seats on trains and require a poop patrol to try and keep the filth somewhat in check.

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