President Trump Is Considering Going Back to Science & 2 Genders


The Hill reports the Trump administration is considering going back to science and requiring individuals to identify as male or female based on their biological makeup at birth. He wants to go back to biology but the flat-earther Democrats don’t want it.

Democrats want to accommodate legitimate transgenders who have the surgery, that’s fine but they are still the gender they were born with. They also want to accommodate others who don’t have the surgery but change their gender nominally. Then there are those who don’t want to have a gender or want to invent one for themselves.

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed in a memo that government agencies adopt a definition of gender that is determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

The change would base sex on the genitals a person is born with.


That would be more accurate than what we are seeing. Currently, we have an endless, growing list of genders formulated by people who are mentally unbalanced.

LGBTQ advocacy groups are expected to oppose any formal proposal.

The Hill and other Democrats call it a violation of Obama-era freedoms granted to transgenders.

The administration announced a similar policy in May that required the Bureau of Prisons to use “biological sex” as the basis for assigning facilities and bathrooms.

It’s much safer.


There are hundreds of them, too many to copy here.

  • Those who try to “play God” and think they can change their identity by a little snip here and there are deluded and deluding themselves. When they can come up with a way to change XX and XY chromosomes, maybe they’ll have something. Let’s face it. LGBTQ equals QQQQQ.

  • Y,Y,Y,Y,You mean I can’t declare myself to be a zebra just because I feel like one? … How un-Democratic !!!

    This is racist! … Black lives matter! … Kill the pigs! … Impeach Trump! … Blue wave a’comin’, etc., etc.

  • The reason that the Marxist-Democrat LGBTQ+ coalition cite an every increasing number of genders, is to establish “gender fluidity” as a societal “norm”. This is similar to their desire to invalidate the entire concept of monogamous, male/female marriage and male/female lead family units. A key plank for any Marxist is to redefine the language, confusing the public. If simple traditional building block terms like “male”, “female”, “marriage”, and “family” can be redefined, so can “truth”, “property”, “government”, and every other concept or institution. The end result of such anarchy and chaos is the collapse of society, and **shazam**, the “transformation” into a new society, a Marxist-Socialist society.

    Don’t doubt it. 135 “genders” will never be enough, and only makes sense if the the goal is to abolish gender, so that they can abolish democratic society, replacing it with their centrally controlled, autocratic society.

  • Ahhh, the backlash starting due to a male competing in a female cycling event. Did the dems think this was a good idea? Let me enlighten liberals. This kind of thing only works in one direction. Females can be in boy’s clubs, boy scouts or even play in men’s sports but to do it the other way is the death of democrats.

  • If your 23rd chromosome pair is “XX” then you’re a female, a girl, a woman. If your 23rd chromosome pair is “XY” then you’re a male, a boy, a man. If you think you’re something else then you have gender dysphoria a recognized mental disorder and you need mental healthcare help, immediately.

  • I add my name in support of this action.It is long over due.The Diabolical “Cultural Marxist ” Template used to redefine every component of Human interaction and Mans Existence in Western Civilization. Creating absolute Chaos is ,of course, the end goal of the “Powers That Be”. Hurray for Trump!

  • I like it, but what about the anti-science term “gender”? This applies to language, as in French where a car is feminine. This has NOTHING to do with living creatures from bees to buffalos, us as well, who are differentiated by SEX. Does anyone know about chromosomes any more?