President Trump Might Replace Jeff Sessions with Rudy Giuliani


In an update to the story below, Rudy Giuliani said that Jeff Sessions was right to recuse himself. He also said he is not a contender for Sessions’ position.

Original Story

President Trump is said to be pushing Jeff Sessions out of his position and replacing him with former mayor Rudy Giuliani. This came from anonymous sources.

There is no question that President Trump is unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He feels Sessions hasn’t defended him and should never have recused himself in the Russia  investigation.

Trump took another swipe at Sessions today.

Donald Trump wants to know why Hillary Clinton isn’t also being investigated. To be fair, she should be investigated, along with Bill and The Clinton Foundation. Why isn’t Sessions investigating Hillary?

We have a far-left Democratic Party, a corrupt media that is in bed with them, and a Republican Party that won’t fight. You would think Republicans lost this last election. We are fighting for our future as a Republic and who is fighting with us?

The New York Post is reporting that President Trump is considering naming Rudy Giuliani to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The president is so unhappy with Sessions, who he criticized last week for recusing himself from the Russia investigations, that he is thinking of bringing back the former mayor to run the Justice Department, Axios reported, citing sources.

Trump told the New York Times in an interview last week that Sessions’ decision to recuse himself was “very unfair to the president.”

“Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else,” Trump said.

A day later, Sessions, a former senator from Alabama, said he was “completely confident” he could continue running the Justice Department.

Mr. Sessions said he “loves the job” and will continue doing it as long as it is appropriate.

Axios said the president is looking at Giuliani as he gears up for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the election and whether Trump campaign officials assisted.

Giuliani, a staunch supporter of Trump’s, lobbied for the position of secretary of state and then attorney general.

But by December, Giuliani told the president that he would remove his name from consideration for a Cabinet post and said the only job he was really interested in was secretary of state. Many in the media speculated it was a problem of vetting and his company’s ties to foreign interests.

“He offered me some Cabinet positions, which I’m very, very thankful for. It just didn’t work out in terms of my private life,” Giuliani told Fox & Friends.

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Bob Bennett
Bob Bennett
6 years ago

Sessions is the best appointment Trump made. He is a true conservative, and was the Senate’s leading advocate against illegal immigration–unlike Giuliani, who renewed New York City’s sanctuary status, established by Mayor Koch [See: ]. Giuliani is also the person who announced on national TV that Trump had asked him to find a legal way to ban Muslims, which was used in litigation against Trump’s executive orders. Trump seems to have forgotten that.

Sessions has moved to fight sanctuary cities, end the war on police departments begun by the Obama Admin, and a numerous other positive things.

Sessions is also Trump’s most loyal appointee. Trump is understandably frustrated with the unending investigation. But to vent by attacking Sessions in his worst media enemy, the NY Times is a great mistake: he has only afforded gravitas to the Times, by giving them an interview after months of calling them fake news. He’ll never be able to do that again.

What Trump said in the NYT interview was false, BTW: Sessions did not immediately recuse, on Feb 8th after he was confirmed; he recused on March 2nd. And Trump knew about the recusal in advance, having made a comment hours before Sessions’s announcement. Trump’s statement was that he didn’t think Sessions should recuse, but it was otherwise supportive.

Trump’s launching a war on Sessions over a recusal that was required by a DOJ regulation, 28 CFR 45.2 indicates that he’s irrational.

6 years ago
Reply to  Bob Bennett

Sessions has not acted on the criminal referrals handed to him on planned parenthood. He is a conservative? Has he taken any legal action against sanctuaries? Sessions recusal was not necessary, placing Trump in serious jeopardy. That is loyal?

6 years ago

Sessions set a trap for Trump, with his secret, unneeded, planned recusal. Sessions is not acting on numerous investigations, including the criminal referrals he received on planned parenthood. Sessions has failed. We needed him and he let us down is a big way.