President Trump Releases a Video on the Border Crisis


President Trump has a “major announcement” coming tomorrow at 3 pm about the humanitarian crisis at the border and the shutdown. He put this video up today. Perhaps there is a hint in it.

“Everybody knows by now that our Southern border is a humanitarian crisis. It’s also a national security crisis,” he began.

He continued: “Things are happening there, and they have been for many years, decades,” he continued. “But it only gets worse with time because a lot of people want to come into our country, and there are a lot of people that we don’t want.”

The President noted the criminals and gangs are among the invaders [my word, not his].

The timing of BuzzFeed exposed as fake news is perfect for the President’s announcement. He proceeds with more credibility.




  1. It’s been reported that hundreds of illegal migrants—many of them youngsters—crossed into the U.S. yesterday by burrowing UNDER the fence. They are seeking asylum. Ha! — Some border fence that is! Please, President Trump, build a better fence/wall. Make it high, deep, and wide with lots of razor wire and whatever else it will take to stop the illegal onslaught.

  2. The United States needs borders walls to make it clear that we intend to safeguard our national sovereignty. Border walls are certainly not 100% unbreachable, and I don’t hear even Mr Trump making such claims, but like adding burglar bars to a private home, it is an effective deterrent.

    It should be noted that the Great Wall of China kept the Mongols out fine and dandy until Ghengis Khan figured out he could go around the wall by bribing those guarding the far eastern passage way. Walls work fine and dandy if those who stand guard can’t be bribed, as well as our elected official that have anything to do with securing our borders. There are numerous testimonies from border patrol officers who say that the sections that have some type of barrier are a lot easier to patrol than those that have nothing.

    The US electorate needs to stand behind Mr Trump because a border wall that is properly constructed and staffed with enough border agents will be an effective deterrent.

  3. Mexico is brilliant! They are the smartest country in the world. Here’s their plan: Send all of our poorest, least educated people across the border to USA and let them get free education, healthcare, social services, housing, dental on the American tax payer dime, so we elites here in Mexico can save our resources and money and live in luxury. Meanwhile, we will market our lovely country to the dumbest Americans who think it’s a great idea to come vacation in a country that oppresses it’s most vulnerable, needy people and sends them packing across the border to another country. Additionally, we here in Mexico will NOT allow anyone from other countries to cross our border. We’ll send these poor Hondurians, etc…right through straight toward the good old USA. Talk about a great deal for Mexico! Wow. VIVA MEXICO!

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