President Trump Responds Perfectly to Sickening Mitt Romney


Senator Mitt Romney has become Utah’s Jeff Flake, constantly attacking the President and serving up fresh meat for the Democrats. He has no sense of loyalty and likes to place himself on a high moral plane looking down, judging others, especially the President.

In reality, Romney hasn’t accomplished much beyond bloviating. What has he done as a politician that has made a real difference?

Romney posted vile comments on Facebook about President Trump after the Mueller report was released, claiming he was “sickened” by the “dishonesty.” Romney makes a good Democrat lapdog.

Mitt is also a carpetbagger and a waste of time. He had to travel the country to find an electorate that would vote him back into office.

President Trump responded exactly as we did at the Sentinel, but it sounds so much better coming from him.

He said, “If Mitt Romney spent the same energy fighting Barack Obama as he does fighting Donald Trump, he could have won the race (maybe)!”

That’s a big “maybe” given his tendency to back off when Democrats attack.

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