President Trump Reviews the Red Hen in Lexington Virginia, Sounds Dirty


Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen, and her LGBT staff, kicked out press secretary Sarah Sanders from her restaurant. This was after Mrs. Sanders traveled three-and-a-half hours to eat dinner with the Sanders family, mostly liberals themselves. The owner then stalked her family and called her comrades in to harass her family when they went to eat in the restaurant across the street from the Red Hen. The President decided to review the conditions at the restaurant and it’s apparently ramshackle.

Dirty awnings

The New York transplant who owns the Red Hen might want to change the name of the restaurant to the Dirty Red Hen. At least, from what the President has said, it would be appropriate. He mocked her restaurant on Twitter.

The restaurant has a mixed health inspection record. While they didn’t say the restaurant was dirty, look at the awnings in the photo above.

The owner also owns Pure Eats Yum and House Mountain Yarn. She formed Lexington Rising and runs the local newsletter. She runs everything and she’s a far-left lunatic ruining Lexington downtown and making it into a Progressive vision.

There is a battle going on between the leftist mayor and his comrades and the real Virginians about whether to keep Stephanie Wilkinson as the director of Historic Downtown Lexington.

How do you keep someone like that who hates half the country.

Lexington has a bully, a virtue fascist, running the town. The only people who will go there are the leftists. How long before they start tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Wilkinson has been the executive director of Main Street Lexington since 2014 is executive director for economic development in Lexington, VA. .

According to Main Street’s website, the organization’s purpose is to “enhance the economic prosperity and cultural viability of our community, re-establishing downtown Lexington as the vibrant economic and cultural nexus of our area while maintaining its unique character.”

Stephanie Wilkinson, as the Director of Historic Downtown Lexington, sees it as Progressive Lexington. As typical with leftists, they think they are inclusive. This is what she has up on her Facebook page:

What a joke.


The Historic Downtown Lexington Facebook page has no use for her overall. The following are samples of how the natives feel based on their Facebook page.

Written by a former resident, naval aviator and great friend

I’m watching one of the most tolerant, politically diverse, and beautiful towns be torn apart by America because of one person.

Lexington, VA is so much more than The Red Hen. We never once ate there in our time being stationed there… it is over priced and out of the way. The actual Main Street in Lexington is full of great food, stores and people, and has both a very liberal university and a military college.

While I support the right to refuse service, if you represent your city, you should strongly consider the backlash of your actions.

I am very disappointed in the choices that were made that night, not because of politics or support of anything political, but because of the shadow that was cast that night on many hard working small business owners that now have a battle on their hands when they had no part in the incident.

If you go to Lexington, don’t go because of The Red Hen… go because of restaurants like The Southern Inn, Sweet Treats, Manos, Pronto, Pure Eats, The Bistro and many others… go for the cute stores like Books & Co., Toys, too, Walkabout Outfitter, Lexington (Virginia) Farmer’s Market, Gladiola Girls Lexington, and many others. Go for the history, the amazing breweries like Great Valley Farm Brewery, or for a horse drawn tour of the town with a very rich history and amazing views of the blue ridge mountains.

To my friends and business owners who are dealing with this and will be directly impacted by the economic backlash, hang in there, people will move on and they will see, once again, how cool your little town is.

One post reads: Should you be able to represent our community if this is what type of comments are coming about!

“I would skip the whole town based on this. What!!! Maybe my red shirt would be offensive or the color of my hair? I live in VA and will never forget this incident. Reflects so poorly on all!”


“Ms. Wilkinson clearly does not represent the best of Lexington. Those of us who live in the region, and LOVE living here, will ask anyone who hears of this incident to set it aside and not take it as a reflection of our region. Please visit the greater region of Rockbridge County, of which the town of Lexington is but one small part…I believe you’ll find that our hearts and minds are open and you’ll be received with the warm, gracious hospitality and respect that everyone deserves.”


“Thank you Historic Downtown Lexington Virginia. This did make a bad impression. It is time for this anger/HATE to calm down. This owner should not be in any position of promoting her town. Sad day in America when people have to be so divided!”


“This ESTABLISHMENT is RACIST and is full of HATE!! The town of Lexington should be very upset for what has occurred. THIS IS NOT AMERICA… ITS A TRUE ANTI AMERICAN PLACE!!!!”

Shame on the Red Hen Restaurant and owner Stephanie Wilkinson who is also Director of Main Street Lexington.

How dare you embarrass our town and give Lexington a bad reputation. Being the Director of Main Street Lexington who supposedly promotes small business and tourism in our town. Shouldn’t you be bias while holding this position? You have created a bad image and reputation for yourself and our community. Many

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