President Trump Suggests He Will NOT Comply with House Doc Requests


President Trump on Tuesday suggested the White House will not comply with the congressional investigations. He accused Democrats in the House of launching the probes to hurt his chances of winning reelection in 2020, the Hill reported.

“It’s a disgrace to our country. I’m not surprised that it’s happening. Basically, they’ve started the campaign. So the campaign begins,” Trump told reporters at the White House after signing an executive order on veterans’ suicide prevention.

“Instead of doing infrastructure, instead of doing health care, instead of doing so many things that they should be doing, they want to play games,” he continued.

Trump suggested he was unwilling to comply with the House Judiciary Committee’s massive requests for documents related to 81 of his associates.

The President said Obama’s administration did not comply with requests.

The president’s remarks suggest the White House could invoke executive privilege or take other measures to block the committees’ demands.

In a letter released earlier Tuesday, White House counsel Pat Cipollone rejected House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings‘s (D-Md.) request for documents related to security clearances for White House personnel.

On Monday, Trump indicated he would be cooperative, but by today, he said Nadler and other Democrat committee chairs have “gone stone cold CRAZY.”

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