President Trump Triggers the Anti-Kavanaugh Troops with a Tweet


The President caused a media stir when he tweeted in support of Women for Kavanaugh who are gathering for the vote on Capital Hill between 3-5 p.m. Saturday. He said it was a “beautiful thing to see” and they weren’t paid.

The media didn’t want to hear anything like that from the President, but they are so biased, they no longer have any credibility.

The media and the anti-Kavanaugh minions were outraged by the tweet once again and lit up Twitter.

There are dueling anti- and pro-Kavanaugh rallies in D.C. today. Biased NPR reporter Scott Detrow says the anti- vastly outnumber the pro-Kavanaugh protesters and the far-left Intercept says the pro- only show up if paid, but it’s early yet. They made the claims before noon.

Yesterday Fox News reported that the pro- outnumbered the anti- by quite a bit.

Also yesterday, Rand Paul posted this photo.

Here is another photo in the Senate building of pro-Kavanaugh supporters from yesterday.

In any case, we know that many of the anti- are paid or compensated in some way and it’s the same several thousand millennial leftists and old hippies that show up at every protest from Ferguson to Occupy to anti-Trump anything, and so on.

Generally, the leftists are the ones who protest and riot and they are the ones with an enormous network of enthusiastic and often paid minions. The left wants you to get the impression the entire country feels the way they do.

When I was involved in the anti-Common Core groups, we were joined by a communist — by his own admission — who teaches at Fordham. He said he had access to 15,000 members of his organization. He did seem to have thousands who would jump to their feet for him.


These leftists want you to believe survivors without evidence and without giving the accused due process and the presumption of innocence. They would set us back 700 years and destroy our system of government. It appears to be a goal.

Communist Women’s March Led by People Like Linda Sarsour

The communist Women’s March was “enraged” that the Judge passed through committee after hearing accuser, Mrs. Ford’s testimony.

Mind you, credible Christine’s testimony was very flawed and she provided no evidence whatsoever.

Over the weekend, anti-America, anti-Semitic Linda Sarsour said her organization was going to do everything it could to keep Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh out of the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Brett Kavanaugh was disqualified before Christine Ford came out with her allegations and we still think he’s disqualified and we’re going to do everything we can to keep him off the Supreme Court,” Linda Sarsour told CNN Saturday.

Senator Grassley’s words from October 4th come to mind.

“I would never use the word ‘fake news’”, Sen. Grassley told the media, but he basically suggested that as the policemen of our Democratic system of government, they aren’t living up to their mandate.

He then went on to explain what has been going on with the love affair of the media with the anti-Kavanaugh protesters. The media actually said they were only interested in interviewing anti-Kavanaugh protesters. “Now that’s a bias none of you should be proud of,” he concluded.

This is from Russia Today, now known as RT, but it is accurate information.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Is Sarsour still in the USA???.Hey ICE go get her!!!