President Trump Triples Down on ‘the Squad’


You will love this! The President has NBC News calling ‘the Squad’ the ‘progressive fringe.’ They realize the President flipped the script on the Speaker and the radical fringe.

They wrote, referencing his Sunday tweets, “That was the opposite of the political dynamic he needs as he faces re-election — he wants the Democratic Party stuck to its progressive fringe so that he can portray his opponents as too extreme to lead the country — and he moved quickly to flip the script.”

The President was asked about his tweets today at a presser and he tripled down.

The four communists of the House, Omar, AOC, Tlaib, and Pressley, who call themselves ‘the squad,’ don’t even try to hide who they really are. They are the most anti-Semitic members of Congress lecturing the President about bigotry.

Their presser this afternoon was not a plus for them. Rep. Omar wouldn’t even say if she is a communist or if she disavowed al Qaeda when a reporter asked.

These are the fringe congresswomen the Speaker and the entire Democrat Party have rallied around. The candidates for President have the same radical views.

After the conference with these four women, I sent a donation to the Trump campaign.

Omar lied during today’s presser. The next clip is one series of lies but not the only lies.

About the next clip: Trump called those who kneel during the national anthem “sons-a-bitches,” he didn’t call black athletes “sons-a-bitches.”  Trump called countries “shitholes,” he did not call black and brown people “shitholes.” Trump specifically condemned the neo-Nazis and white supremacists during his speech.

The President is shining a light on who the Democrats are and it’s not going well for them.

The great ole white hope for the Democrat Party is Joe Biden, but he was out lying. Sleepy Joe Biden actually said that with Obamacare, “If you like your health care plan…you can keep it.” Doesn’t he know that we are way past that?



  1. Omar, Tlaib, Pressly and AOC are the face of the Commiecrat Party and Schumer and Pelosi can.t hide it any longer.It is out in the open,exposed, and smelling like long dead fish.Jewish members and their pocketbooks are fleeing this openly anti semitic,Jew hating, anti Israel collection of nazi goons masquerading a the Democratic party.

  2. I thought it was “Perfect”. He got ALL the Democrats to Defend the Anti American, Anti Semite, Commies! Another win for Trump!

  3. At least those with a few little grey cells still intact and not irreparably damaged by the brainwashing we have been subjected to non stop by the corrupted sold out mainstream media in the West can more rationally make their decision…to help us it would be prudent to note that the “bold” experiment ended in abject failure after 80 odd years with the demise of the USSR,,,,and that the last Dark Age was ushered in 1600 odd years ago by the very same stone aged ideology that is now in the ascendant and spreading across the globe like a communicable disease…and note that where ever they have vacated…the local “opposition” has been virtually eradicated…better wake to hell up people!!!

  4. 4 house GOP leaders just gave a press briefing in response to the 4 idiots and their BS briefing yesterday, Rep.Liz Cheney did a good job of laying out how stupid these 4 clowns are with their socialist un-workable impossible to pay for dreams, meanwhile the Dems are crickets about their 4 fresh TURDS leading the charge,

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