Jake Tapper Asks Why President Trump Lied about Obama Wiretapping AFTER He Learned of Surveillance


Immediately after the Devin Nunes press conference about the unmasking and dissemination of confidential communications of President Trump and his team, Jake Tapper asked Nunes why Donald Trump lied and said Obama did “wiretapped” him.

Think about that.

In case you missed what happened Wednesday, the rundown is later in the article.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Rep. Nunes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, to confirm Donald Trump was not wiretapped and he called Trump a liar. If you will remember, Trump recently said he learned he was “wiretapped” with the word in quotes. Of course communications today don’t have wires and no one is wiretapped. The word is “surveilled” and rather than recognize that and the fact that this spying by our own Government is dangerous to the American people, CNN tried to make Trump into Mr. Wrong. Imprecise though he was, Trump was right again.

Jake Tapper is making himself into an irrelevant reporter.

Obama didn’t have to order a wiretap or surveillance, all he has to do is read unmasked reports and give a wink and nod to his unethical minions. Trump never meant Obama personally. Only an idiot would think otherwise. The media chooses to not understand the President who speaks like an average American instead of a politician.

Trump is honest. He speaks like a lot of Americans who aren’t politicians – imprecise, not political, sometimes hyperbolic – but he calls it like he sees it.

In case you missed the very troubling story yesterday, our government – the former administration – illegally monitored collected and disseminated information on the incoming administration.

Donald Trump and his team were monitored and surveilled in November, December, 2016, and January of this year during the transition. It appears to have been picked up “incidentally” during normal surveillance. However, it was unmasked and then widely disseminated though it had no intelligence value. In addition, it had nothing to do with Russia.

A source legally provided Rep. David Nunes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, with confidential information that was garnered via an apparent “incidental” collection of President Trump and his team. It was brought to Rep. Nunes because “they thought they should know it”.

The NSA has been very helpful, Nunes added during a presser Wednesday, though the FBI is not cooperating. One very interesting statement by Rep. Nunes — he does not know if the FBI will comply and turn over information Nunes requested.

Numerous intelligence officials “incidentally” collected information on the campaign via a FISA order, unmasked it and disseminated it though there was no intelligence value. Additional names were also unmasked.

There are some important questions coming out of this. If there is no intelligence value, why was it unmasked? Who was on the dissemination list and why was it widely shared?

Nunes saw reports of the surveillance, not the actual confidential data. It’s not known if the communications were picked up at Trump Tower. He also said Donald Trump and his team were “monitored” and the it was spread far and wide.

Rep. Nunes is alarmed by the discovery. He said they went through this a year-and-a-half ago, as it related to members of Congress, and they thought this was addressed. This is “a very similar situation”, he said.

Rep. Nunes added that additional names were unmasked and he’s very bothered by it. There appears to be no foreign intelligence value and he would like to know why it was shared.

The information leaked was official IC information.

This is truly the Deep State we have heard about, where a bureaucratic powerhouse operates a separate government alongside the elected government. They now are so brazen as to violate the law.

President Obama was in charge, he is responsible. It’s obvious that when he implemented a rule to disseminate raw data among intelligence agencies in his last days in office that he had every intention of promoting the leaking of information that would hurt the President.

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