President Trump Will No Longer Fund Iran’s Nuclear Program


The nuclear deal, which the media seems to love, funded the Iranian nuclear program — literally. A recent cache of stolen documents from the Iranian secret vaults showed what we could see without them.

These documents were obtained by the Israelis but have been confirmed by the U.S. and British intelligence. The Iranians are building five nuclear bombs, all while they work on their ICBM program.

The U.S. administration under Barack Obama even lied about the terms of the deal to the American people, admitted they lied, but were outed by the Iranians.

The lifting of sanctions made the Iranian Mullahs rich and they used those funds to develop their ICBMs, sponsor terror in the region and throughout the world, and they kept all their nuclear assets in place. The “robust” scrutiny provided by the U.N. was not “robust” and the U.S. and its EU partners were unable to see the results of the U.N. analyses.

Billions of dollars in sanctions on Iran were lifted, cash and gold were sent on Iranian Revolutionary Guard planes with Iranian Revolutionary Guard pilots by former president Obama, and our sailors were left begging and crying for allegedly wandering into Iranian waters — maybe.

Who on God’s earth — besides Obama and his minions — think it’s a good idea to give $1.7 billion in cash and gold to the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism? The U.S. administration knew some of it — probably all or most — would go to terrorism. john Kerry said he knew.

Meanwhile, Iran sold nuclear material, kept their muclear facilities, developed their nuclear weapons and had or will have five nuclear bombs, launched increasingly-developed ICBMs, continually threatened to destroy Israel, the U.S. and the West in general. They shared nuclear technology with North Korea.

What a deal!

The reporters who rail against Trump today are merely defending and protecting their beloved former president, not the country, not Americans. Their reaction is humorous in a sick way given the fact Obama’s spokesperson, Ben Rhodes, admitted to lying to the media to get the defective deal in place. He mocked these same reporters for their naivété and stupidity. He mocked the stupid Americans in general as he walked out the door.

The reporters are somehow convinced it’s promoting peace to fund the Iranian nuclear program. The program allows them the right to become a nuclear power down the road.

The way to avoid war is to find some way other than cowering and funding the enemy’s nuclear program.

Highlights from President Trump’s speech Tuesday:


Iran was pleased with the framework of the nuclear deal that included:

The U.S. surrendered all leverage – all sanctions – for vague promises of a temporary reduction in Iran’s nuke program.

The IAEA are the monitors and are allowed access to prior nuclear documents. [The IAEA hasn’t been able to get any information from Iran.]

It includes a total release of sanctions by the EU. The U.S. ceased application of their sanctions as soon as the EU verified the deal has been met.

No Iranian nuclear facilities were closed.

Natanz will be Iran’s only enrichment facility.

Fodor will be used for R&D.

At Arak – the location of the heavy water Plutonium facility – an international team will modernize it to prevent nuclear materials. [The U.S. and EU partners actually are to help financially]

What is not known: levels of enrichment, stockpile of enrichment,  details of lifting of sanctions, the PMD (military dimension from a decade ago), any details really.

Iran will reduce centrifuges to 6100 from almost 20,000. The number installed in 2009 was 6100. 2009 is when Obama took office. That number of centrifuges will be insufficient to meet the U.S. goal of a one-year breakout. In other words, it will take less time to build a bomb.

There is a fifteen year sunset clause. After the term is up, Iran won’t need to make a mad dash to the bomb, they will be able to legitimately walk to development of nuclear weapons.

They are not dismantling their nuclear program, they’re temporarily unplugging.

The benefits are – if these parameters work out, the U.S. will know there is only one nuclear facility at Natanz. There would be these “robust” IAEA inspections.

There are also secret side deals. Who knows what’s in them. Neville Chamberlain would be proud.

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