President Trump will unleash hell on Mexico & Dems If they keep it up


President Trump is about to unleash hell if Mexico and the Democrats don’t stop pushing him. He has courage and he’s had it.

This morning Trump called out Mexico for not doing enough to stop a caravan headed for the border. They are literally doing nothing much. When they break up the caravans, the people just come in separately.

Trump acknowledged that Mexico has reduced the caravan in size, it was originally about 20,000 and it’s now about 10,000. Actually, the CBP says the equivalent of a large caravan comes in each week.

The President threatens to close the border in the area where the caravan is headed. He will also call up the military and they will be armed.

The truth is there is a war at our border and the criminals are winning.


There were reports from the AP yesterday that authorities in Mexico broke up a caravan of 3,000. Those smaller caravans constantly bust into the country.

Trump was angry about Mexican soldiers pulling guns on our National Guard Soldiers, accusing them of aiding drug smugglers. They probably did. It’s commonly done.

He complimented our great border patrol and called on Congress again to close the loopholes in the law. They won’t. They’re worthless.


He also defended himself against impeachment this morning, threatening to take Democrats to the Supreme Court if they ever try to impeach him. He must take them to a Supreme Court. This is a coup and it must never happen again.


The census question will hopefully be allowed. The Democrats are afraid they will lose House seats and money for all those illegals as they flee or refuse to answer the question. They also don’t want us to know how many illegals are actually here, and it’s not 11 million. The census question is a lose-lose for them.

The UK probably spied on the Trump campaign for the Obama administration.

The President and his team are launching a counter-attack. They have been on the defensive long enough. One thing the Democrats are great at is taking the offensive even when they are dead wrong. But they’ve never come up against Trump before.

Senior members of the Trump administration, the president himself as well as his attorneys and members of his campaign have been bringing attention to the many incidents of misconduct and more by Democrats during the more than two-year effort to bring down Trump.

Listen to Guiliani go after Clinton.

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4 years ago

Actions, not words. It’s obvious that Mexico and Congress do not take Trump seriously, especially after his loss in signing the illegal immigration stimulus bill. At this point, it is assumed he will back down again.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Pray to God he takes the initiative, our existence as a country is at stake.