President Trump’s Deal Is Going to the Floor for a Vote [Video]

Communist DACA

The President made the announcement we all expected him to make. He offered temporary amnesty for DACA recipients. We can credit Jared Kushner with that idea, along with Mitch McConnell who said the President needed to break the logjam by making a tempting offer to the Democrats.

CNN reporter Phil Mattingly reported that President Trump’s plan includes $800 million in humanitarian aid, $805 million for drug detection, 2,750 border agents, 75 new immigration judges, Central American minors get to apply for asylum in homes, $5.7 billion for the steel wall. And three years of relief for 700,000 DACA recipients, three-year extension of TPS.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will bring this to the floor for a vote.

“Everyone has made their point—now it’s time to make a law,” McConnell said. “I intend to move to this legislation this week. With bipartisan cooperation, the Senate can send a bill to the House quickly so that they can take action as well.”

There is no reasonable offer Chuck and Nancy will accept. They rejected the offer before it became public, making additional demands, including insistence the deal, has to be bipartisan. But they won’t come to the table. It’s hard to negotiate with people who won’t negotiate at all.

The leftists [Democrats] on Twitter are trashing him and his deal.


Nancy Pelosi shot it down before he even made the offer. There is no bargaining with authoritarian bullies. After the speech, she said it is “unacceptable.”

McConnell’s statement:


  1. I hope the DACA people are paying attention this is proof positive that the Democrats care more about control of the Government than they do about them they are only pawns to the Democrats!

  2. All Nancy and the Dimwits want is to re-open the government and then “we will talk about it later” get lost, I’ve seen this stupid game for too long, work with Trump and get it done, otherwise Trump should declare a national emergency and have the wall built by the Army Corps of Engineers, Trump has tried numerous times to deal with these idiots, they don’t want him to have another win !!!!!!

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