President Trump’s Popularity with Hispanics Soars


Hispanic support for Donald Trump has surged since Election Day, and now tops that of the president’s overall approval rating, Zogby Analytics reports.

In its latest survey, Zogby Analytics said that Hispanic support has hit 45 percent, two points higher than the president’s generic approval.That is 55 percent increase in the total Latino vote for Trump in the election. He won with 29 percent.

Maybe the left-wing should recognize the fact that Hispanics are just like anyone else and they want the same things. Maybe they want the bad hombres out of the U.S. also.

Perhaps they would also like jobs and a better economy. The Democrat message of riots in the streets, gender fluid bathrooms, and insulting Trump doesn’t create jobs. Lowering taxes, encouraging businesses to manufacture in the U.S., closing the borders does resonate with the working class which includes Hispanics.

Democrats also forget that many if not most Hispanics came here legally and others came to get away from the hellhole they left. They don’t want it imported.

MS-13 is an illegal alien gang. The left likes to say they are a California gang but they are almost all here illegally. They are raping and beheading people here on Long Island. It’s time to deport the trash but the message Democrats send is keep them all.

Border states like Texas have long had Hispanic-Americans and once they get the lay of the land, they won’t be fooled by the left. They are basically conservative people.

If Democrats realize this, they will demand the wall.

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