President Trump’s Schedules Were Leaked Again


President Trump’s general schedules were released again, even after the White House announced a crackdown.

According to the schedules, the President spent about 50 percent of his time from Monday to Thursday last week in “Executive Time.” The documents are here, on the cloud.

The first batch of private presidential schedules was released only days ago.

The schedules obtained by Axios include details about a range of things, and they show that Trump spent the first three hours of his day in “Executive Time” from Monday through Wednesday last week.

Kellyanne Conway said last week that these are just general schedules and details are filled out by staff closer to the President.

Axios did report last week that these schedules do not give a complete picture of the president’s time. Trump has a more detailed, tightly held schedule that is not emailed to senior staff.

Those schedules often have one or two additional meetings per day and contain more detail about the meetings listed on the private schedules that senior staff can see. Axios gave an example of a Thursday engagement they knew about at 2:30 p.m. on that day. It was not on the schedule.

The person who leaked these is very arrogant and probably hateful, just bent on embarrassing the administration.

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5 years ago

The coup is inside the White House. The DOJ is part of the coup, will not investigate the coup. Trump fails unless he actually gets tough instead of talking tough.

5 years ago

Whoever leaked POTUS schedules should go to jail!