President Trump’s Suggestion of Arming Teachers Called “Insanity”


Herb Richmond contributed most of this article.

The left will tear President Trump apart no matter what he says or does. His idea of arming teachers sent them into a frenzy. While the media and Democrats bash President Trump’s idea of arming teachers, some schools are already doing it and it is working.

Hakeem Jeffries on CNN said the idea was an “unreasonable, knee-jerk reaction.” Rep. Garamendi said, “we won’t be safer”. The far-left teachers in Illinois called it “insanity”. NY Times Tom Friedman went so far as to say, Trump is “violating the Oath of his Office” to protect and defend the Constitution.

The idea is not absurd. It’s being done. At least four states are considering legislation that would allow educators to carry a concealed firearm in schools. Eight states already do.


Two districts in Ohio are doing it. Matt Finn discussed it on America’s Newsroom this morning.

“We spent nearly two days in these school districts and we found they are not without controversy. It took years for them to get up and running, but today the district officials stand by their decision to arm their staff.”

In Ohio, a local sheriff offered to train teachers in handling a gun and the class was filled in 20 minutes. Over 250 immediately signed up.

One Utah teacher carries every day. She said she “needs a better plan than hunkering down and hoping for the best.”

CBS News actually did a report on one school with armed teachers.

They sent a news team into a Colorado school with armed staff. One teacher was asked how it feels to be a teacher while carrying a gun. He responded:

“If you’re gonna protect the kids, why not give them a tool to protect them with,” he said.

While some teachers have mixed feelings, one said: “They could shoot our whole building up before we would ever have anybody get here for help.”

As expected, it’s very sad that this is what we are dealing with now.

“As a human being, it was very saddening to me that that’s what this has come to,” another teacher added.

The reality is this is the reality.

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