President wants to revisit libel laws after NYU Prof’s fake tweet goes viral


Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu and CNN’s resident RINO Ana Navarro both fell for a hoax tweet posted by leftist Time magazine editor-at-large Ian Bremmer. It’s likely they didn’t care at all if it was accurate or not, they love to spread anti-Trump hate and they think him capable of idiocy and lunacy.

It has resurrected the President’s view that the libel laws need to change.

“.@ianbremmer now admits that he MADE UP ‘a completely ludicrous quote,’ attributing it to me. This is what’s going on in the age of Fake News. People think they can say anything and get away with it. Really, the libel laws should be changed to hold Fake News Media accountable!” the president tweeted.

As it stands, people can say any libelous thing they want about a prominent figure without suffering any repercussions.

The NYU Professor and Trump-hating Bremmer falsely claimed that Trump said: “Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden.”

It went viral.

Here’s what President Trump actually tweeted: He said that Kim Jong Un had called Joe Biden a “Swampman” and a “low-IQ individual” the last time they talked.

Ana Navarro, CNN’s shrieky psycho, shared it with her many followers.

Bremmer’s excuse for passing out the fake tweet is it’s “kinda plausible. Especially on twitter, where people automatically support whatever political position they have. That’s the point.”


Sadly, his immoral standard will be accepted. He’s a liar and proud of it.


Ted Lieu and others went off the rails.

Here’s another one:

Not one of these people has apologized.

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