President Will Signl! Dems Hold Fast on Freeing Some Criminals


The Democrats want to codify ‘catch and release’. Once illegals are here, Democrats have their backs. It’s been that way for a long time. They won’t even consider stopping diversity visas or chain migration. This new border barrier deal is terrible and it even cuts beds to hold illegal aliens by almost 9,000.

The reason for that is they want to stop the detention of some criminals.

Democrats/Socialists do not want to detain people coming into the country illegally and they do not want drunk drivers detained, as two examples. They are not criminals according to several Democrats. They want to do what the liberal states have done and that is to keep criminals who are allegedly non-violent.

The President does have some latitude to increase beds and get money from elsewhere. He said that he has access to as much as $23 billion for border security. He got that information from Sen. Shelby so we will have to see about that.


When asked about the restriction on detention beds, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin told The Daily Caller News Foundation, “It emerged because the Republicans [in] the Trump administration [have been] taking people and deporting them who are not really criminally dangerous. You know, they have violations of immigration law, for example. Violations of traffic laws or misdemeanors but they’re no danger to this country.”

Foreign criminals who come here illegally and drive drunk are to be released. They insist on no beds for them.

Durbin added, “There’s no difference of opinion between the parties as I know it when it comes to dangerous people in this country. They have to go. But when it comes to people who have a traffic violation or simply cross the border or overstayed a visa… It’s totally different. They have gone too far.”

Basically, Democrats are saying only citizens and legal residents will be held accountable for driving drunk, not illegal aliens. They can drive drunk and they can come into this country illegally. In fact, they can commit misdemeanor crimes and stay in this country. Corrupt Sen. Menendez went on and on about that irrationally with Wolf Blitzer yesterday and there was no pushback.

McConnell and the GOP will not support the President further but have no problem with him finding another lawful way to fund the wall. That was supposed to be their job.

“I hope [President Trump will] sign it,” Sen. McConnell told reporters afterward. “I think he got a pretty good deal.”

That is a lie.

The President is between a rock and a hard place. His advisers say another shutdown will severely harm the economy.

An unhappy President Trump will sign the border “deal” to avoid another shutdown, according to CNN. The deadline is on Friday.

Tom Homan, former ICE Director, doesn’t want him to sign it, but the President is in a bind.

The Democrats are Socialists and they want open borders except, perhaps, for the most violent criminals. There are, however, ways to get funds. There will be pork provisions in the bill to garner votes from certain groups.



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joseph l boggs
joseph l boggs
3 years ago

don’t sign it close govt period!

3 years ago

Please, Mr. Preaident, don’t sign the bill, for many reasons. It’s a trap. Everyone shoukd call their congressman immediately and express your opinion on the bill. According to my congressman, as of last night when he appeared on the Kennedy show on FOX business, he hasn’t read the bill and was looking forward to seeing what exactly was written in the text.