Presidential Candidate Apologizes Since He’s a Straight White Male


The Democrat [socialist] Party is idiotic and they are anti-white racists. Presidential candidate Jay Inslee, the Washington governor, who is running on the ‘earth is on fire’ mantra, apologizes in this clip for being a straight, white male.

He has humility about that, he says.

“Our new CNN/Des Moines Register poll shows only 38 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa say they would be satisfied with a straight white male nominee,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper absurdly said. “So why are you as a straight white male the right person to lead the Democratic party if there’s so much skepticism from Democrats in Iowa?”

“I think I have a humility about being a straight white male that I have never experienced discrimination like so many do. I’ve never been pulled over as an African-American teenager by an officer driving through a white neighborhood. I’ve never been a woman talked over in a meeting,” Inslee responded.

Tapper says 38 percent of Iowan Democrats won’t be satisfied by a straight, white male? I don’t believe that, but if it’s true, it’s nuts.

These people are insufferable. Call them out when they say idiotic things. He’s going to have a tough row to hoe in this new insane Democrat Party. Maybe he can find some Native-American blood like Elizabeth Warren.

Inslee wants to use a nuclear option to put in place the most extreme climate change policies. These Democrats are dangerous.


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