Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh Caught Lying


President Trump’s competition in the primary was caught in a lie and he has barely launched his campaign. Also exposed are endless foul and racist comments.

He endorsed giving Israeli preschoolers guns and a “rudimentary knowledge of mortars” and then lied about it.

The Washington Post decided to scrutinize his past. As part of the effort, they asked him why he’d advocated on behalf of arming Israeli children with guns. The problem is that Walsh chose to lie about it.

“In an interview with The Fix this week, Walsh said that he had been duped and that he was reading from a script about a supposed program (dubbed ‘Kinderguardians’) in Israel,” the Post noted in a follow-up post on Wednesday.

“The program was fictional, and he was one of several Republican figures tricked into endorsing it. But he emphasized that he had not endorsed the program for American children. Turns out that’s not true.”

Joe Walsh says he was tricked into saying he supported “Kinderguardians,” arming schoolchildren children as young as 3 or 4 years old, under the guise of being offered an award for supporting Israel.

It’s absolutely insane and no one should have fallen for it. How dumb is this man? We know he is a liar.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 years ago

There’s bigger challengers coming for Trump.

I expect Romney & Ryan are up to something. They want chaos in the party.