Presidential Candidate WON’T Call Himself a CAPITALIST


John Hickenlooper, hack

John Hickenlooper was the Governor of Colorado for three terms, the mayor of Denver twice, and now wants to be President. He also refuses to say anything positive about capitalism or “label” himself a capitalist.

He’s always been one of these quiet change-agents of the far-left, passing himself off as a moderate, but infiltrating to the left.

Three times Joe Scarborough asked him if he is a capitalist or considers himself a capitalist. Hickenlooper laughed the first time and went off on a tangent about rejecting labels [how convenient for leftists who are trying to hide what they are]; the second time he diverted into climate change and said he doesn’t like labels; and the third time, he said he’s a small businessman so capitalism is part of it, but it’s not all it is.

Hickenlooper said the Democrat Party has a big tent when he was asked about including socialists. Socialism, by its nature, must overturn our form of government. This would have been treasonous not so many years ago.

Watch this shocking clip:

Is this who we are now? Socialists/Communists? God help us.

The Republican National Committee called him a tax and spend liberal.

“John Hickenlooper is the latest tax-and-spend liberal to join the race. But according to Hickenlooper, he’s actually ‘a lot more progressive’ than his far-left opponents. In a primary dominated by socialist policies like the $93 trillion ‘Green New Deal,’ that puts him way outside the mainstream,” said RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens.

He’s also supportive of open borders, but, as a hack, won’t actually say what he supports, but appears to support Medicare For All and the Green New Deal.


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