Presidential Hopeful Cory Booker Says Meat Eating Has to Stop


Radical leftist Cory Booker has been a vegetarian roughly since 1992, and it began as an experiment. He is committed to it now and wants us to all be vegetarians to save Planet Earth.

The planet can’t sustain all the meat eaters, he told

“You see the planet earth moving towards what is the Standard American Diet. We’ve seen this massive increase in consumption of meat produced by the industrial animal agriculture industry. The tragic reality is this planet simply can’t sustain billions of people consuming industrially produced animal agriculture because of environmental impact,” he said.

There just isn’t enough land, he said. There is too much rainforest destruction and too many greenhouse producing gases, he added.

He claims he won’t force us to all become vegetarians, but the Green New Deal, which all the Democratic candidates are signing on to, would make it into a mandate. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s childish Green New Deal is a hit with the Democratic presidential candidates. She also made it clear that there are too many flatulent cows.

Seventy Democratic congresspeople are supporting the insane GND. It’s a great way to overturn capitalism and replace it with a massive government bureaucracy — a Socialist State.

The Democrat Party is very extreme. Every candidate running for office so far is a Socialist.


Known as the ‘female Obama’, Kamala Harris wants reparations for slavery and supports the insane Green New Deal. She also wants to ban all semi-automatics.

She has already said she wants people to pay other peoples’ rent. And she wants to give free cash to her preferred groups and call it a universal income.

At the end of January, the California senator told a CNN town hall in Iowa that if she is elected, she will eliminate private health insurance in America, even if people like their coverage.

Kirsten Gillibrand, like Booker and Harris, believes in open borders and hopes to abolish ICE, launch Medicare-For-All, and ban semi-automatics. She too is running on the Green New Deal.

Gillibrand said eliminating all private health insurance is an “urgent need.” That is communism/socialism.

Democratic presidential candidate Peter Buttigieg, who wants to be the first gay President, doesn’t see the need for private health insurance either.

He also came out for the Green New Deal as did Cory Booker.

They all want high taxes and regulations.

Elizabeth Warren hopes to nationalize the banks and raise taxes as much as 90%. She envisions the President in jail by 2020.

Julian Castro has a penchant for open borders and his Reconquista mom might have something to do with that.

Let’s not forget Amy Klobuchar, who allegedly abuses her staff. She doesn’t want anyone to hang the moderate label on her. She’s a Progressive. Progressives are Socialists and Communists.

And there is Bernie Sanders, he is a Communist.

Each of these candidates will be running on the far-left ticket and will have to outdo each other.

This will a dark and dreary world when Democrats — Socialists — are in charge. If it sounds like totalitarianism, that’s because it is.

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4 years ago

The most common food behind gassiness is beans. Booker should stop eating veggies and save Planet Earth!

4 years ago

So another idiot that’s pushing stupid ideas on other people sounds like this guy wants to be a dictator why don’t you March or dumb ass to a place where you can push these dumb ideas on others not people that will want to kill u in 2 hrs what a dumb ass and that girl that want to ban weapons she a dumb ass to the worst thing to due is go after people with guns at some point people with us there right to overthrow there government or do these dumb people obviously don’t know the right people of this country and the power the people really have in this country

4 years ago

Well then Cory, leave the other mens flies alone in the mens bathrooms

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Read ‘Collectivism’ by Paul Leroy-Beaulieu, and ‘The Origins of Totalitaritarianism by Hannah Arendt.

4 years ago

Based on AZTEC history, we will become cannibals if we are forced to be vegans! Humans must have protein but not enough veggies. The longevity of “true” vegans is shorter than the average. An ovo-vegan lives longer because they eat eggs. My uncle was “true” vegan… died of malnutrition in 1970s.He was in his early 50s.