Presidential Hopeful & ‘Rock Star’ Kamala Draws Electrified Teeny Crowds


CNN reporter Maeve Reston was floored by the “rock star reception” Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris got as she hit the stump in Iowa.

Harris, a 2020 presidential wannabe known as the female Obama, has hit the trail nationwide to encourage voter turnout for the midterms and try out her 2020 run.

Reston told her viewers that “you could really feel that electricity” at a rally in Des Moines Monday night.

“She’s really gotten a rock star reception,” Reston said. “Last night in Des Moines, you could really feel that electricity among about 500 people who showed up to see her. at the end of that event, they were just, like, moving toward her in a human crush. So, a lot of love for her here in Iowa.”

Wow, looky here, about 70 people ready to “human crush” her.

The Crush

The daytime reception was allegedly “electric”.

One must wonder if the reporter is blind. There’s no electricity when you have less than a dozen people in attendance.

Does Harris drink?

She’s electric!

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Regular American
Regular American
4 years ago

70 people? Local grocery stores draw more people than that on a Saturday morning.

Larry L'Heureux
4 years ago

I’ve been wondering why CNN ratings are below the cartoon channel and they pay less than any other propaganda outlet. Is this kind reporting why that is? Can anyone help me with this?

Carter Burger
4 years ago

I’ve seen more people at a rat killing.

Anthony Stavros
Anthony Stavros
4 years ago

Trump 100,000 show, media says no enthusiasm. Harris 70 people (ahh sure if you say so) electrifying!
Fake news.

4 years ago

The 70 people were paid for by the DNC.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Phony reporting in someone’s imagination.