The President’s Kind Gestures Towards Late Senator McCain That the Media Ignores


The President was demonized for not keeping the flag at half-mast after two days, but he was following strict flag protocol. When the media started bashing him unfairly, he agreed to fly the flag thoughout the weeklong memorials.

The late Senator John McCain’s body was flown from Arizona to  D.C. on Air Force 2, the jet the First Lady usually flies on. It was courtesy of the President. From there, he laid in state in the Capitol rotunda, making him one of only 31 people ever to be honored in this way. Then the President’s kindness was returned with participants insulting him, most notably Barack Obama.

In addition to the jet, Trump also “authorized military transportation of Senator McCain’s remains from Arizona to Washington D.C., military pallbearers and band support, and a horse and caisson transport during the service at the United States Naval Academy.”

Trump made a nasty remark about liking people who aren’t captured and he has paid for it over and over. McCain has delivered much of the punishment. His friends, allies, and fake allies made him pay again at the funeral.

McCain was one of his committed enemies. He helped pass off the unverified dossier to the FBI. He participated in a newly-released docudrama accusing Trump of colluding with Russians.

All of these so far unsubstantiated attacks have greatly damaged the country. While we see collusion with Russians all over the place by the Clinton campaign and the FBI, there is none yet with the President. In any case, collusion is not illegal.


Meghan McCain was one of those who insulted the President by attacking his slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

George Bush hinted at some insults. Joe Lieberman delivered a politicized speech and Obama was disingenuous and conniving.

The President’s only response to Meghan was, “Make America Great Again.” That was harmless as it should be. Meghan is suffering the loss of her beloved father.

Making a funeral into a Trump hatefest for the media to feast on is not dignified. It is what the senator planned for a year, however.

President Trump’s silent support looks, to some of us, far better than the angry recriminations at the funeral.

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