Press Secretary says Pierre Delecto is “pathetic” and “jealous”


White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham blasted Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and other “Never Trumper Republicans” on Thursday during several interviews.

She was asked by co-host Brian Kilmeade to comment on the President calling the Never Trumper Republicans “human scum.”

She said he doesn’t regret it and shouldn’t.

“No, no, he shouldn’t,” Grisham replied. “The people who are against him, and who have been against him, and have been working against him since the day they took office, are just that.”

“It is horrible that people are working against a president who’s delivering results for this country and has been since day one,” Grisham continued. “And the fact that people continue to try to negate anything he is doing and take away from the good work he is doing on behalf of the American people, they deserve strong language like that.”

Later, she appeared on Fox Business with Trish Regan and she explained why Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto, is reacting the way he is. Ms. Grisholm used to work with Romney. She said he’s “pathetic” and “jealous.”

Grisholm said a lot of Republicans have stepped up when Ms. Regan brought up Romney.

Grisham, who worked for Romney on his 2012 presidential campaign, contrasted Romney then and Romney now.

“One word comes to mind: pathetic,” Grisham responded. “I would just remind Mitt Romney that he is not the president. He lost. He needs to quit pretending like he is president.”

“We have a great president right now and he should probably get in line with that president who is doing great things for this country,” Grisham continued. “Mitt Romney should be proud of that and supporting this president rather than be working against him. It’s hard for me to hear Republican and Mitt Romney in the same sentence.”

“What do you think his motives are?” Regan asked.

“He’s not president and he wants to be,” Grisham responded.

“Really? Jealousy?” Regan asked.

“Yeah,” Grisham answered.

The rift seems to be permanent and unresolvable. Romney wrote about Trump not rising the mantle of his office or something like that in an op-ed a couple of months ago and Trump followed up by including him in the “human scum” category.

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4 years ago

Someone, please tell Me. Romney that jealousy is a sin.