Press Tyrant April Ryan Wants Sarah Sanders to Pay for Her Bodyguard


The interminably rude D.C. bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks and CNN contributor, April D. Ryan claims her life is in danger. It’s hard to believe anyone takes her that seriously, but it’s possible.

“They’ve put a target on my head… I’ve had death threats. I’ve had craziness,” said Ryan, who revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she recently hired a bodyguard to protect her. “All I’m going to say for my safety is: I have a team.” (She said the White House should pay for her protection.)

She claims she’s on a White House blacklist. If she means they don’t like her, that’s undoubtedly true.

Ryan is no fan of press secretary Sarah Sanders and insists she’s treating her badly. To many of us, Ryan is the instigator.

Ryan ranted to The Hollywood Reporter that she wants the press secretary to pay for her own bodyguard since she’s paying for hers and Sanders is the one “stirring up” the media aggression.

“I’ve had some people wait for me outside the White House… There is a concern now. I mean, I’ve had death threats, I’ve had craziness, so I have a real concern. An honest, real concern… Do I have a bodyguard? Yes, I do. Am I paying for it? Yes, I am. And, I think [Sanders] should have to pay for it, especially if she’s stirring it up with her boss.

… I did not sign up for this. I was just doing a job.”

Elitists like Ryan are used to people catering to them and treating like royalty.

Mrs. Sanders was given the bodyguard because of the abuse she has been taking on her own time, but don’t expect Ryan to have any compassion for her whatsoever.

Ryan is always rude. She screams out questions over her media colleagues at pressers and her questions are often idiotic, abusive and/or confrontational. She’s Jim Acosta’s doppelgänger.

CNN is the cradle of media imbecility and she helps further that vision quite a bit.


You might remember last year when this hard-hitting journalist exposed #piegate. All Sarah Sanders did was bake a pie and that led Ryan to accuse her of posting a fake photo.

Social media users rushed to Ryan’s side and demanded the pie be reposted on a different background.

To make a long petty story short, Sanders said she would bake another pie for her. This is the response:

Wouldn’t you know that she mentioned it again in this interview. She said, “We even tried to have a reset. I talk about it in my book. She baked a pie. I did not eat the pie. She tried to figure out where we went wrong. But she continues to berate me…. We had dinner, trying to reset, and it just went downhill.”

Sanders just gives it back to her and she doesn’t like it. The press secretary is supposed to just take her abuse and like it.

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