Pressley says ICE “abuses” remind her of the “auction block during slavery”


Ayanna Pressley, a more reticent but just as confused, member of the ‘squad’ of communists (Tlaib, AOC, Pressley, and Omar) in the House of Representatives, ran a bail fund event for the violent antifa who were arrested during the Straight Pride Parade. When she was questioned about it, she demanded an investigation of the protesters and the police, suggesting the police were in the wrong.


She is also out to abolish ICE. Pressley claims the “abuses” by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency resemble the “auction block during slavery.”

Obviously, she is an open borders communista like the rest of the squad and most of the Democrats at this point.

The angry rep made the comments on the left-wing “Pod Save America” on August 29th, This was during an interview with former Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett.

“I didn’t buy for a second that the humanitarian crisis at the border had anything to do with a deficit of funding,” Pressley said, before regurgitating the Democratic line that “the cruelty is the point.”

Then came her push to abolish the agency so no one would be deported or separated.

“There are plenty of agencies that I think are in dire need of reform, and I do that work with my team every day to hold them accountable, but an agency that is using what throughout history has been proven as one of the most effective tools of oppression, which is to separate families,” she said.

The Massachusetts representative didn’t bother to mention the separation was due to the parent(s) lawbreaking and that the parents were responsible.

“We’re all shocked by what we see,” she continued, “but we’ve been here before on reservations with indigenous and native people, at the auction block during slavery.”

ICE hasn’t sold anyone into slavery, but there are a lot of criminals coming over who are involved in sex trafficking.

Later, the congresswoman reiterated a false claim about deferred action, first suggested by the always dishonest former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Now we are deporting children with terminal illnesses,” Pressley said.

All USCIS did was shift responsibility for those cases to ICE. Nothing else changed.


Then she explained how she got herself into the House.

“We decided to invest in ethnic and specialty media,” she said, “and the Latino community in [Massachusetts’s 7th District] is about 7 percent, so, you know, I had consultants at the table that said, ‘Hey, we’ll walk away. This is going to be the death knell of your campaign. You’re going to go on Telemundo and Univision in a primary?’”

Pressley bragged, “That’s what we did, and we grew the Latino vote by 71 percent.”

She claimed that their ultimate goal was to get “our democracy … working again,” culminating with “evicting” President Donald Trump, whom she exclusively referred to as “the occupant of this White House.”

She always refers to him as the “occupant.” Pressley is disrespectful.

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