Prevaricating Clapper Discusses WH Lying with CNN Fake News Reporter


In case you missed it. There was a strange CNN segment this week with a fake news reporter asking a liar if the White House is credible.

CNN’s Fake News host Anderson Cooper asked James Clapper if the White House is credible. “Does this White House, are they credible in their public statements”, Cooper asked.

“Well there’s certainly a lot of doubt about that and what’s happened most recently [he is referring to the Donald Jr. Russia story] just has the effect of casting more doubt on the credibility of what they say.”

He’s worried about the “assault on the truth”. Like he knows what truth is! He should look at himself.

At one point he asked, “What’s the definition of truth?” We are sure he doesn’t know the answer.

The man who headed up one of the most Orwellian agencies under an Orwellian president is concerned about Trump’s alleged Orwellian White House. One must wonder what the concern is when everything Trump says and does is leaked daily.

Clapper should get his orange jumpsuit ready. He’s the one who in 2013 eased the unmasking procedures of Americans. He made it easier to “unmask” the names of lawmakers or congressional staffers who are incidentally caught in foreign surveillance.

This guy said on June 6th that Watergate pales in comparison to the Trump-Russia scandal, but on July 7th, he said there was no evidence of anything other than Russia tried to influence the election. He can’t get his stories straight.

Clapper is a known liar. You can hear him on the next video lying to Senator Wyden in 2013 in response to a question he had been given beforehand.

They don’t collect data on Americans, at least “not wittingly”, he told Wyden.

He recently sat with John Brennan and Wolf Blitzer, encouraging U.S. intelligence agencies to launch a coup against the President of the United States if he tries to fire their hitman Robert Mueller.


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