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If Barack Obama legalizes 5 million people this evening, it will be virtually impossible to find out who among the people here illegally are lying and who aren’t. USCIS can’t possibly handle a workload of that magnitude and they will do what they did with DACA – rubber stamp everyone with any so-called proof of any type.

Forget the 5 million, Obama’s fiat will basically prevent all deportations from the United States. The criminals and terrorists are undoubtedly watching as are the millions of uneducated poor who will come.

Immigration lawyers say their offices are being flooded with calls asking about the order.

Barack Obama will bypass Congress and unconstitutionally change immigration law on Thursday he brazenly announced yesterday in a Facebook message. He said the immigration law, which he refuses to enforce, is broken. How would we know? He doesn’t enforce it.


Barack Obama said “elections have consequences” but not for him. He is ignoring the mandate of the people and will abuse the authority of his office. For the past six years, he has known, as a constitutional lawyer and by his own admission, that he cannot rewrite immigration law with an executive order.


He said it over and over again. He knows he’s violating the law and he doesn’t care.

Watch more of this:

This is a turning point for our Constitution if it isn’t pulled back. It is a true constitutional crisis. We are allowing our president to legislate and it is an unconstitutional abuse of power.

He claims it is “prosecutorial discretion” but it is really “dictatorial discretion.”

“Prosecutorial discretion” must never be used to circumvent Congress or undermine the law of the land.

The prosecutorial discretion Obama plans to use is a tool of tyrants.

Obama Caesar

As Angela Tantaros said on The Sean Hannity Show last evening, it is mindful of Caesar crossing the Rubicon.


The people he will legalize want the Constitution violated to give them the benefits of a country they have no right to be living in. Who are these people to demand this? What right do they have to do this?

It is encouraging to know that 46% of the American people do not want King Obama to declare a pathway to amnesty with an illegal executive order according to a USA Today poll but the the same poll also shows that 42% of Americans want Obama to act now.

A more recent WSJ/NBC poll however shows only 38% want Obama to violate the law of the land.

Who are these 38% who think it makes sense for the president to unilaterally change immigration law, a right reserved for Congress? I think they just don’t understand the repercussions. It makes Obama into a dictator.

Obama announced with all arrogance that tomorrow night, in primetime, he will provide visas for up to 5 million.

With unmitigated gall, Josh Ernest said that “Americans expect the president” to do this. Ernest also claimed that the president is acting to the full extent of his authority.

After a wave election, Ernest went up to the podium yesterday and lied for Barack Obama just like a spokesperson would in a Banana Republic.

Our country is not governed solely by a president. We have three branches of government who help govern. Congress writes the laws and controls the power of the purse. It is the president’s job to enforce the laws already passed as he has sworn to do.

Americans didn’t stay home or vote for Republicans in the recent wave election so Republicans could work with Obama.

If that is what they wanted, they would have voted for Democrats. In the USA Today poll, only 15% believe that Republicans and Barack Obama will work together, proving that Americans didn’t go to the polls to see Republicans work with Obama

The USA Today poll shows that 12% don’t know what they think. Who are these people?

A Polling Company exit poll of the midterm electorate found that 74% of voters did not want Obama to act unilaterally while another 80% did not want foreigners taking jobs from Americans and legal immigrants already in the country.

In addition to the constitutional violation, the path to amnesty will be unaffordable.

Tuesday evening, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez told Bill O’Reilly on his show The O’Reilly Factor that it won’t cost us anything and this first giant step towards amnesty won’t mean the 5 million will be eligible for Medicaid, welfare and Obamacare. However, Obama is planning to give them Social Security numbers and work permits. It’s hard to believe they will be eligible for nothing.

They mostly work off the books and will be eligible for the Earned Income Credit (welfare). Are we really to believe they won’t collect?

Gutiérrez  said, “It’s going to include millions of people. It’s going to have various parts. I mean we have an agricultural industry. You know, a lot of times the B roll shows the people working in the fields doing that hard, back-breaking work. It’s going to have a high tech component. It’s going to have a component that’s going to keep children together with their moms and their dads.”

Gutiérrez, an open borders activist, can’t make any promises that it won’t cost us because Obama is making this up as he goes along. He does whatever he wants. He did it with Obamacare and many other legislative acts. He has been writing legislation from the White House for six years.

If they want to keep families together, why not let them return to their native countries and their families? The illegals are the ones who broke up their families.

The president is setting up chain migration which will have no end.

Republicans want the high tech component, why not wait for them to pass a bill since they want it too?

This quasi-amnesty will attract millions more people here illegally.

Barack Obama knows this and will do it anyway.

He said so himself:

Millions of legalized people and their families will take jobs from Americans, especially black youth. Half of the black youth in this country are unemployed, and like any other race would, they will lose hope. We are losing an entire generation of young people.

It will add millions of workers to the U.S. job market. This is a negligent economic and social policy with high unemployment in most states and half of recent young college graduates unemployed or underemployed plus more than 92 million out of the workforce completely.

The requirements to prove eligibility are lax documentation. Since DACA, DHS has only required copies of documents to meet the eligibility requirement for amnesty, for proving the length of presence in the U.S. and to prove identity.

Everyone here illegally will claim they meet the requirements with rare exceptions.

We don’t know what he will say this evening, but we can make an estimate based on what he has done under DACA.

If he follows his own history, DHS will accept any form of documentation from report cards to plane tickets – anything – all of which can be easily altered.

There aren’t even any face-to-face interviews required. Most applications will be approved based only on the documentation submitted.

Were DHS interested in identifying fraud, they’d find there is no mandate to do so. The instructions will likely state that that illegal aliens committing fraud could be denied benefits or removed. Who is going to do that?

Since the documents are anything and everything, how would DHS even identify fraud? They couldn’t begin to do it.

Barack Obama has allowed criminals to win amnesty in the past and he will do it again. This is a president who is releasing tens of thousands of criminal illegals onto our streets each year to prove the immigration laws aren’t working though they are not working because he doesn’t enforce them.

Juveniles with records are handled with “discretion” which gives gang bangers a big advantage. Only serious misdemeanors and most felonies are considered reasons to not allow amnesty. Drunk driving- killing Americans every day – doesn’t count.

Early in 2012, when Obama came up with his first amnesty – DACA – USCIS management told employees to rubber-stamp applications for immigration benefits and work authorizations, according to leaked documents published by the AP.

The millions of applications that will come in at breakneck speed under this amnesty will make it virtually impossible to do anything but rubber-stamp them.

When Obama passed DACA, he promised it would be the last of his fiats on this issue. As I said, he is making this up as he goes along. He also made that promise to get elected. In other words, he probably lied to get elected. It’s unlikely he simply changed his mind.


The open borders statists are now claiming that Obama made a mistake for the past six years and just hadn’t done his research. For six years? A constitutional lawyer?

Listen to the far-left Antonio Villaraigosa who is closely aligned to communists and socialists, because this is what has been said continually in the mainstream:

We are in the hands of tyrannical liars who don’t care what we think and who will lie to us without giving it a second thought because we are “stupid” Americans.  We are heading down a road we should not be heading down in a free country.

This is what they do in Venezuela.


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