Princeton U.’s Hiring a “Men’s Engagement Manager” to Teach Vulnerability to Potential Rapists


This next crazy story comes to us from Princeton University via Daily Mail UK. Officials at the university are looking for a certified “men’s engagement manager” to “combat aggressive masculinity” and “challenge gender stereotypes” on campus.

They want to upturn stereotypes of “tough men” who can’t be “vulnerable” and “challenge social constructs that lead to violence.” No more tough men!

The reason they are pursuing this is because there were 13 sex code violations in 2015-16.

Creating more pajama boys won’t do a thing to cure rapists.

Four of the violations were by employees. Perhaps their hiring policy should be more of a concern.

Another assault was of a “John Doe” raped by a male SHARE associate. Do you know what SHARE is? You’re going to love it. It’s the Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education (SHARE).

Great job hiring guys!

One question I have is how does combating masculinity help in the case of a male on male rape? This isn’t a guy thing you know.

Princeton is Ivy League and this is what they are coming up with these days.

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