Princeton University Group Wants to Burn the Books


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Some Princeton BlackLivesMatter students are figuratively burning the books with their latest demands that Woodrow Wilson be erased from the campus.

They call themselves the Black Justice League which has a Facebook page tied to #OccupyNassau. Occupy and #BlackLivesMatter are Socialist Soros-funded groups.

Wilson revolt2

The revolutionary group took over the president’s office and said they would stay until the administration admits Wilson was a racist and until all buildings named in his honor be renamed.

They made three demands in a Facebook letter:

  1. “WE DEMAND the university administration publicly acknowledge the racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson.” Specifically, the BJL asks the University to rename the Woodrow Wilson School, rename Wilson college, and remove the Wilson mural from Wilcox dining hall.
  2. “WE DEMAND cultural competency training for all staff and faculty.” The letter states that this request was previously voted down on free speech grounds, and requests classes on the history of marginalized peoples be added to the list of distribution requirements.
  3. “WE DEMAND a cultural space on campus dedicated specifically to Black students, and that space can be within the Carl A. Fields Center but should be clearly marked.” The BJL stipulates that the naming of the space be left to student discretion so as to avoid naming it after a “white benefactor or person with bigoted beliefs, as evidenced by the naming of Stanhope Hall.”


They are the 23rd school to be hit by #BlackLivesMatter.

The “day of action” was called for by the Black Liberation Collective, a group organized by far-flung student activists hoping to accelerate the anti-racism student movement’s momentum. If you go to their Facebook page, you will find comments like this:

“If you are silent about your pain, they will kill you and say you enjoyed it.” — Zora Neale Hurston ‪#‎ShutItDown‬ ‪#‎StudentBlackOut‬

THIS SYSTEM IS MORE WICKED THAN WE REALIZE… When are we going to stand up and demand that they STOP STEALING OUR INVENTIONS WHILE LABELING US CRIMINALS BY THE MEDIA…..ALL THE WHILE PROFITEERING FROM OUR WORK AND THEN ENSLAVING US TO WELFARE, while using their corporate crooked lawyers to say they did not steal our stolen work. THE ONLY THING THEY RECOGNIZE IS MONEY WE HAVE NO POWER BECAUSE COLLECTIVELY WE HAVE NO MONEY TO BARGAIN WITH…………….. They have stolen my inventions, research and have profited substantially from it while I am forced on welfare. They use their crooked corporate lawyers to hide the truth………

The Guardian, a UK online publication, gave the following update from these radical left groups all tied to #BlackLivesMatter.

  • Many students demanded schools give free tuition for black and indigenous students and that institutions divest from for-profit prisons.
  • Some schools called for change specific to their institution. At University of Cincinnati, students called for police who were at the scene of a shooting of an unarmed black man to be barred from patrolling campus.
  • Demonstrations are expected to continue through the evening, as another wave of protests begin at campuses in California.
  • Some celebrities took notice of the protests – actress Laverne Cox tweeted her approval of the #StudentBlackOut protests.
  • Yik Yak continued to be a forum for discussion of race on campus, though there were no known threats to students (as there were last week at the University of Missouri).
  • Canadian schools also took part, including at the University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, and Ryerson University.



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