“Principled” Jim Comey Asked a Friend to Leak His Memo


The “cloud” over Trump’s presidency might not lift any time soon. Democrats are doing their best to ruin the Republican agenda and they are winning. As Chris Christie said yesterday, he feels like he’s going on 140 years into this presidency. It is a partisan hit job against Trump. It’s poisonous to our democracy and it’s driven by hatred.

Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News’s Martha McCallum that if Robert Mueller, the special counsel in the Russia case, thought there was obstruction of justice, he would not have allowed this Comey testimony.

Why did Comey stay on the job since he thought Trump was a liar and he didn’t trust him in the least?

Comey wanted his memos to go out to protect his reputation. This is the purpose of the entire testimony for Comey.

The former director Jim Comey asked a friend to leak his memo after Trump tweeted. Leaking isn’t very principled. In addition, he lied. According to Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, the NY Times began leaking the story the day before the tweet.

The New York Times first reported on the leaked memo on May 16, and two days later, his friend, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed as the special counsel for the ongoing Russia investigation.

Comey decided to leak the content of his meeting with Trump after the president tweeted that Comey had “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

On May 18th, the New York Times reporded another leak with Donald Trump about Comey going to great lengths to not be hugged by Trump. He wanted to keep him at a distance.

Matthew Miller, who served as the DOJ’s Director of the Office of Public Affairs under former Attorney General Eric Holder, interviewed with the Washington Post and hinted or speculated that Comey was building an obstruction of justice case against him.

Karl Rove said Comey was the worst leaker in the White House.

In another exchange, Jim Comey was stunned and confused when former attorney general Loretta Lynch asked him to use language that aligned with the Hillary campaign’s euphemistic language. He did nothing about that.

There was Russia collusion, however.

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