Private Citizen Eric Holder Rants the Probe ‘Must Stop’


Private citizen Eric Holder ranted on Twitter that the probe by House Republicans of his former corrupt administration ‘must stop’. His reasons are a sad commentary on the state of the Democratic Party.

No amount of evidence matters to them. They are perfectly fine with a burgeoning police state.


The probe by the House investigators is ‘unprecedented’ he says. That’s true. We never before had a fishing expedition by a tainted Special Counsel and unmasking and spying by a former leftist administration.

General Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed by Mueller once again. What is up with that? More intimidation? Paul Manafort is in isolation in a federal dungeon and hasn’t been convicted of a thing — that’s unprecedented too and we know why Mueller is doing it — trying to get him to turn on Trump, even if he has to invent something. The judge in the Manafort case knows it too and has mentioned it more than once.

The DoJ probe is so tainted, there is no way most Americans will believe anything Mueller comes up with.

Holder tried to say the ‘disclosure of ongoing investigative material’ is ‘unprincipled’. That’s rich coming from the guy who released FALN terrorists, Mark Rich, and New Black Panthers with billy clubs at a polling place in Philly.

We the people want transparency because the DoJ/FBI is corrupt. Even Lindsey Graham knows it.

Basically, Holder is demanding the end of a probe that is exposing him for what he is. He also wants the witch hunt to continue for obvious reasons.

If anyone watched the testimony by non-entity Christopher Wray and smirking Rod, they know those two are incapable of answering a question. They hide behind — ‘it’s an ongoing investigation.’

Hey, Eric, we don’t care what you think nor does our American hero Devin Nunes. He will fight for the truth.



  1. I think it likely that many a Republican believed Trump did do something wrong during the campaign. They seemingly didn’t want to consider high levels of Government could have been involved in the attempt to influence an election. The evidence is certainly in favor of Trump and exoneration, the Democrats notwithstanding.

    It sounds like Holder is speaking in desperation. There’s a distinct possibility that a great deal of illegal activity in the Obama administration. Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates are now, or should be in the cross-hairs of further investigations. I’m sure Holder is quite familiar with what Rogers at the NSA had uncovered. The AG, DNI, CIA, FBI, NCTC and others had to certify with FISC of compliance with the law. And NOW Holder wants any investigation into FISA abuse to be halted. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller is dragging things out in hopes the FISA report by the OIG will be treated by everyone as this last report.

    • Holder was AG from 2009-2013 or longer. So, as a CFIUS member, he was an approver of the uranium sale to Russia. He would have been the key person to inform CFIUS that there was an investigation into Russian bribery, but that investigation was being killed. He is extremely vulnerable in a general document release. Plus, he had to know about Hillary’s espionage act violations.

    • He cannot convince anyone. I think he may be sending a signal to the conspirators in the DOJ to continue with the coverup.

  2. The corruption is everywhere, at all levels, in all agencies. Anyone who believes what the government tells them is a fool, or a self admitted slave.

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