Private group quietly built nearly a mile of border wall over the weekend


Update at the end

A private group secretly built a half mile of border wall over the Memorial Day weekend. The group is building it for far less money than the government. The group spent $6-8 million for a mile of the wall. They need $1 billion.

The group, called We Build the Wall, used some of the money raised from a GoFundMe account to construct about a half-mile of barrier on El Paso’s west side that it said will close a gap used by smugglers and undocumented immigrants to sneak across the border. We Build the Wall has raised more than $22 million so far.

“It is almost done,” former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said during an interview with Fox News on Monday morning. “We are standing in the gap and building the wall.”


Kobach and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon are listed on the group’s website as part of the leadership team. Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage started the organization.

The El Paso Times reported the land is owned by American Eagle Brick Co., whose owner, Jeff Allen, confirmed the construction. He told the publication that anyone who is against the construction is “against America.”

That is ABSOLUTELY true. You can’t support an invasion and say you care about the USA

The construction started the same day a federal Obama judge blocked the Trump administration’s efforts to build his long-promised wall with funds that were reappropriated from other departments.


A New Mexico town issued a cease and desist order Tuesday telling a private group building nearly a mile or a half mile (depending on the report you read) of a border wall to cease and desist, saying We Build the Wall’s permits weren’t in order.

Kris Kobach, general counsel for We Build the Wall, said it’s a snafu and city inspectors had given the go-ahead Friday. He is confident the problem can be straightened out.

Brian Kofage, the founder of the group has a different take.

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