Privilege and Preference


The media and the Democrats have pushed the idea that blacks suffer fierce discrimination at the hands of whites and, in particular, at the hands of white policemen, who they say are all too happy to shoot a black man to death.

The actual numbers do not bear this out, and police are in a position of being accused of racial discrimination no matter what they do. This past week alone, a black woman screamed rape when pulled over by an officer and was found to be lying when the dash cam video showed nothing like that had occurred. This same black woman is a professor at the local college. Perhaps body cameras are a good idea, just to keep things like this from happening.

But the question is, why do things like this happen?

A good part of it is based on the leftist ideology of today in which the white man and America in general is blamed for the breakdown of the leftist’s own collectivism. The race-based preferences promoted by the leftists allow such groups as “Black Lives Matter” to be continually outraged and provides them with the excuse to lash out at those who disagree.

Grievances turn into riots with lynch mobs burning cities, and whites subjected to such things as the “Knockout Game” or to roving mobs of black youths looting, committing assaults, and creating areas of cities where innocent people both black and white refuse to go.

It is our government, the progressives in search of a socialist Utopia, that allows this to take place because the perpetrators realize that nothing much will happen to them. Those in government and the judiciary will say they are victims of society and can’t be expcted to know any better.

There are a great many blacks in jails across the country and civil rights activists say it’s wrong, that they are being incarcerated at a higher rate than whites. But while being a minority in population, even Colunbia University’s professor John McWhorter, a Democrat, notes, “Young black men commit about 50% of the murders in the U.S.”. And who do they kill? Other black men.

Police receive more than their share of abuse and are reluctant to get involved, or to stop the rioting from taking place because they know they will not have the administrations’ support.

Black on white crime has seen such atrocities as a 13-year old boy being doused with gasoline and set on fire, a young mother attacked in a public park, a mob of blacks attacking a man on his porch and claiming they were doing it for Trayvon. None of this made the national news because the media and activists cover it up.

Politicians won’t touch the subject because they either agree with the political left or they are too cowed to say anything.

Minority gangs know that they might get away with it if they claim victimhood while committing crimes. As time has passed, these crimes will become more damaging, as in Baltimore, when the police were told to stand down, and the rioters were given space to commit any crimes they wanted by an incompetent mayor.

The question is, what can be done when this attitude of “Black Privilege” is part of the national psyche. It is deeply ingrained in this administration that blacks cannot commit hate crimes and cannot be racist, and with the willing accomplices in the media, more and more whites will be targeted with the law enforcement in this country looking the other way.

Academia is also at fault when a cop killer like Mumia Abu Jamal can shoot an officer in the back, stand over him and shoot him four more times because he arrested his brother, and be invited to give commencement speeches from his jail cell at various colleges .

Is it any wonder why some black youths of today feel they will suffer no consequences when attacking a white family or burning a white business? Law enforcement, under the ever watchful eyes of the federal government, fear arresting too many blacks even if they commit crimes. What was the outcome in the Baltimore riots? The police were blamed and a federal investigation of the police was initiated.

And so where has all this led us? It leads us to people such as James Cone, a professor at the United Theological Seminary in New York stating, “What we need is the destruction of whiteness which is the source of misery in the world.” We have Jeremiah Wright and other church leaders calling for the destruction of “Amerikkka” and divine love as expressed in “Black Power”.

Just last week, Louis Farrakhan called for an army of 10,000 men to “rise up and kill those who kill us and let them feel the pain of death we are feeling”. Does anyone believe that this will not lead to more of what we are seeing now.

I suppose to Farrakhan “Black Lives Matter” because he has spoken this way about whites, Jews, Chinese, Koreans, Indians and anyone else who is not black. But it always comes down to the same thing. Farrakhan can’t be racist, he’s black.

Our administration will say nothing about this, and will allow things to continue as they are in order to create the chaos that this administration needs to further its socialist goals.

Americans need to come to their senses before that happens. If not, it will be bloody and it will tear this country apart.

I rest easy in the belief that peace and harmony is what the majority of Americans want and they will stand together to put an end to this insanity. This country was based on individual responsibility, and it is the people of this country that will bring us back to that. It will be a daunting task. We must stand up to the government, to academia and to a media who refuses to see the light. If it can’t be stopped, the blood will be on the hands of all those in power who ignore the coming confrontation, the ones who create opportunity by dividing the country – the socialists working for chaos in our streets.


by John Velisek USN (Ret.)


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7 years ago

Fact they Kill more of there own then any white or black cop