Pro-Amnesty Groups Desecrate US Flags, Yell F*** America!


Breitbart News, which is doing an outstanding job of covering Murrieta protests, reports that over the weekend, the pro-amnesty supporters have been burning and desecrating U.S. flags.

desecrated flags

US flags impaled on a fence.

Burnt-up flag

Burnt-up US flag

The riot squad is coming to Murrieta today, not for any of the vile members of the pro-amnesty groups, but for the citizens who want illegal immigration stopped and who are blocking the busses filled with illegal adults and children.

Bonnie Lewis, an anti-illegal immigration activist, told Breitbart News that she saw one of the pro-amnesty activists dragging an American flag on the ground.

“I said: ‘Hey, don’t do that.’ He said: ‘That’s where it belongs,'” she said.

Another anti-illegal immigration activist said that pro-amnesty demonstrators called her a “f***ing whore” in Spanish, and shouted, “F*** America!”

The anti-illegal immigration protesters have been demonized in the press and by Democrats while the pro-amnesty, “New American” ranters get a pass.

But it’s not an invasion, right? This is just a refugee-humanitarian situation.

By way of contrast, a Muslim who burned a Koran in Dearborn outside a Mosque was arrested according to BareNakedIslam. The charge was “unlawful escape of soot”.


Koran burner in Dearborn

LaRaza extremists: