Pro-baller Enes Kanter Speaks for Human Rights, Personal Freedom, Democracy


Professional basketball player Enes Kanter, who is from Turkey, fired off a series of tweets ending in a powerful stand for civil liberties.

The Boston Celtics player did not name any names in his comments Monday but many speculated that he was reacting to controversial remarks by NBA star Lebron James on the NBA-China issue.

As people know by now, the Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted support for Hong Kong freedom fighters. He had to delete the tweet and was punished by China. Nike cut ties with them. The NBA barely supported his free speech but the NBA teams stood up for Maoist Red China.

LeBron James jumped in on the side of Red China.

He is now known as Chairman James.

Then along comes the brave Mr. Kanter, a Turkish player born in Switzerland.

Kanter stepped in and Lakers rivalry hit a new plateau.

Then he went full bore on freedom!


In this next tweet, he links to an emotional op-ed he wrote for the Boston Globe. He talks of the cruelty of the Erdogan regime and what it has done to his family, how great America is and how much he appreciates what Americans have done for him.

He pleaded with his colleagues to be role models and spoke of a camp he set up after a horrific shooting event. Kanter is suggesting they too be role models for personal freedom, human rights, and democracy.

Then he wrote this: “I have a prominent platform and I want to use it to promote respect for human rights, democracy, and personal freedom. For me, this is bigger than basketball. Being a champion of tens of thousands of voiceless people back in my home country carries a risk that includes death threats and arrest warrants.”

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