Pro-Pelosi Carpetbagger Gershon vs. GOP Army Vet Zeldin


Park Avenue Perry (l), Rep. Lee Zeldin

Born and raised Long Islander, Army veteran, and Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin is being challenged in New York’s CD 1 by long-time Manhattanite, summering-in-the-Hamptons-Democrat, Perry Gershon.

The differences between the two could hardly be more stark.  Zeldin joined the ROTC while attending the University at Albany and earning a degree in law.  Probably the longest period of time he’s been away from his middle class Shirley/Mastic home was during training with the prestigious 82nd Airborne;  followed by his subsequent deployment to Iraq.  

His twin girls have been attending the same public schools Lee attended decades ago.  The local, community minded congressman was a NYS Senator that cast consequential votes reducing taxes, and currently serves as a Major in the Army Reserves.  

His opponent, Perry Gershon, nicknamed “Park Avenue Perry”, has been basically a fair-weather visitor to his summer house in the very tony Hamptons. Gershon registered on Long Island only after he decided to run for Congress. 

His first vote in Congressional District 1 will be on November 6, 2018.  Given his very spotty civic involvement, maybe it takes voting for himself to get Perry to the polls.  We’ve recently learned that the very wealthy Democrat has missed casting a ballot in 12 general elections! 

But, as they say in those TV ads, “Wait! That’s not all.”  Park Avenue Perry is positively smitten by far-left, fellow elitist, Nancy Pelosi.  In his own words, “I like Nancy Pelosi.  I think she’s done a great job and is a good Democrat.  If Nancy Pelosi is running for speaker I would vote for her.”  

This is as simple as it gets in New York’s CD 1.  Voters have pro-Pelosi carpetbagger, Perry Gershon, challenging a home town boy, Army vet, who has spent an adult lifetime working to improve the lives of those living and working in his Long Island neighborhoods.   

Gershon is a political opportunist in cahoots with hard left elements of the Democrat Party.  Congressman Lee Zeldin has served his community, state, and country while never forgetting where he came from, and always returning to his roots.  Vote for the Vet.

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